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Breast enlargement

Video: 3D breast simulation – this is what your breast could look like


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The ultimate goal of a breast augmentation is: well-shaped breasts that fit proportionally to the respective body and also to the individual body feeling. Whether sporty and firm or feminine and round – the wishes are as individual as every single woman.

Before After with round implant

Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation for asymmetry

Before After with anatomical implant

Breast augmentation with anatomical implants
Breast augmentation with anatomical implants

Before and after with b-lite implant

Breast augmentation with B-Lite implants
Breast augmentation with B-Lite implants

The term breast augmentation does not describe all the possibilities for improving a new, female body image. After pregnancies or heavy weight gain and loss, there is often a desire to give the breast more volume again. Patients with tubular breasts, also called tube or trunk breasts, want a rounder shape instead of the pointed shape. There are many different implants and techniques that produce different results. We will discuss which technique and implant is right for you in a joint consultation. The 3D scan can show you exactly the breast you want.


Most of all women decide to have a breast augmentation with silicone implants. I have had very good and long-standing experience with implants from the German company Polytech, which are very stable, reliable, tried and tested over many years and of high quality.

The advantages of Polytech implants are:

  • Premium implants produced in Europe
  • High lightness and shape stability
  • Good wearing comfort and excellent tolerance
  • No “expiry date” – however, regular control by ultrasound is recommended.

This new generation of silicone implants is lighter, has a better feel, is made of a more dimensionally stable gel and is more robust. They are characterised by a high standard of quality and safety. The latest implants integrate better into the female breast, the silicone gel adapts to the natural movement of the body.

I also use the so-called B-Lite implants.

The advantages of B-Lite implants:

The mixture of microspheres and silicone gel makes the implants not only 30 percent lighter, but also firmer. This prevents an undesirable “rippling” effect. This effect occurs when implants create ripples that can be seen through the surface of the skin.

The firmer material of the B-Lite implants prevents this annoying “rippling” effect. However, the changed structure in the silicone gel also means that the breasts feel firmer and slightly less natural.

There are round and teardrop shapes. The difference lies in the manufacturing process, which is why anatomical implants are usually also firmer and more dimensionally stable than round implants. The disadvantage of the prefabricated shape is a deformation of the breast should the implant rotate. 

Positioning of a breast implant (from left to right: under the gland, double layer/muscle flap technique, under the muscle).

The implant is placed during the operation under a light anaesthetic, directly under the muscle, dualplane (partially under the muscle) or under the gland.

Projection of implants (from left to right: high profile, medium profile, anatomical implants).

With the right choice of implant, method and a lot of experience, the risk of possible dents or bumps can be minimised and prevented.

The anatomical implant (upper picture) has the special feature that 65 percent of the volume is in the lower pole, whereas with the round implant (lower picture) the distribution is 50:50. This means that the upper pole is emphasised more with round implants than with anatomical implants.