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Lip injections – LipFlip 2.0

Lip Flip 2.0 – Lippen aufspritzen ohne Schnabel – Dr. Katrin Bartsch

We are all familiar with the phenomenon of “inflatable lips” and the associated question of what the doctor and the wearer were thinking.

It is a much discussed treatment in the media, especially known through negative examples from the tabloids.

Can the desire for fuller & beautiful lips also be fulfilled with a natural result? YES!

With a lot of experience and sophisticated techniques, completely natural results can be achieved.
We work with absorbable (dissolving) substances, such as various hyaluronic acids.

Inspired by Leonardo DaVinici’s “Golden Section”, the proportions (1:1.6) of the face are individually analyzed and measured from patient to patient. The focus is not only on the lip, but also on the corners of the mouth, the position of the teeth and jaw, and the relationship to the rest of the face. It is literally a made-to-measure treatment.


There are three different ways to treat lips:

Hyaluronic acid
The most common method for lip treatment is the use of hyaluronic acid. This is injected into the red of the lips using a cannula. It is important to inject into the anatomically correct layer- not in the white of the lip, otherwise the lip will take on a “beak” shape, rather in the red of the lip to achieve a beautiful and natural result.

The clear advantage of this product is the natural degradation after about 5-6 months, so age-related changes can always be adjusted to the golden ratio and your personal taste. Once the hyaluronic acid has disappeared from the body, the lips remain less noticeable due to collagen neogenesis caused by the mechanical component of the treatment.

Treatment costs: From € 390,-

Lip Flip
With only three small punctures and a small amount of botulinum toxin in the middle and lateral part of the upper lip, the muscle relaxes, the lip “flips” outwards, rotates and automatically appears larger as it shows more of its own lip red. The hyaluronic acid injected afterwards provides the necessary contour.

Treatment costs: from € 390,-

Own fat
Another option for filling the lip is injections with own fat. Fat extracted from one part of the body is purified and then injected into the lip. Advantage: The treatment needs to be performed only once. Disadvantage: The result is permanent and adjusts to weight fluctuations. Sounds very exciting in the first place, but must be strongly debated, because the advantage of hyaluronic acid to adapt the face again and again to the aging process is lost.

Treatment costs: around € 1,950

Silicone implants
The invasive method of using silicone implants for lip augmentation has not been able to prove itself. It involves many dangers, such as defensive reactions of the body or displacement of the implant. We widely distance ourselves from this method, it is used only after accidents and deformities.

Bullhorn lift
A new and long-lasting method is the bullhorn lift. In a surgical procedure, a thin strip of skin is removed between the upper lip and the edge of the nose and the ends are joined by a thin suture. In this way, the distance between the nose and the red of the lips is shortened. The effect: a fuller upper lip and a friendlier smile. This effect can last up to 10 years, depending on the aging process.

Treatment cost: € 2.900,-


The golden section and first-class products, in combination with an eye for subtleties, are the recipe for success for naturally beautiful lips, which, in addition to sensual fullness, give the mouth a final “touch”. This includes the smoothing of lip wrinkles, the balancing of asymmetries, the contouring of the lip red and the accentuation of the “cupid’s bow”.

Finally, if the patient enjoys applying the lipstick more without feeling changed, then our goal has been achieved.


Come for a no-obligation consultation so that we can analyze your face together and advise you on which technique and solution is right for you. Reconsider a treatment abroad, because often inferior products are used there, which guarantee a favorable price, but can lead to vascular occlusions, up to blindness.

Solution in steps

You are also welcome to contact us by phone at: 01 353 55 55 or use our contact form. Please note that the next available online date may not necessarily be the next available date. Please feel free to call us if no suitable online appointment is available.

Why Dr. Bartsch?

We always say: “the gut feeling must be right”. Let your instincts guide you. But there are also hard facts that can make a potential decision easier for you:

  • Knowledge: Dr. Katrin Bartsch and Dr. Rolf Bartsch have already performed more than 10,000 injections in over 12 years.
  • Safety: Knowing the anatomy, structure and aging processes of the lip are key to success. We also pass on our knowledge to colleagues –
  • Availability: You can also reach our doctors personally in urgent cases:
    Dr. Rolf Bartsch – 0699 11 222 000, Dr. Katrin Bartsch 0664 146 8585
  • Technique: With the Lip Flip 2.0 technique, bruises do not occur. With fine blunt needles – so-called cannulas – the hyaluron is placed. The combination with botulinum toxin gently rotates the lip outward – without any beak.