Grinzinger avenue 15
1190 Vienna
Tel. no.: 01 353 5555
UID No.: ATU71578946

Company registration number: FN 460216 p, Commercial Court Vienna

Activity: Operation of a practice for aesthetic medicine

Activity is subject to the Federal Act on the Exercise of the Medical Profession and the Professional Representation of Doctors (Ärztegesetz 1998 – ÄrzteG 1998), see: here)

Professional supervision: Medical Association for Vienna


Grinzinger Allee 15
1190 Vienna
Tel. no.: 01 353 5555
UID No.: ATU71840779

Legal domicile: Vienna


Grinzinger Avenue 15
1190 Vienna
Tel. no.: 01 353 5555
UID No.: ATU62784277

Legal domicile: Vienna

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