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Hydra Facial

In addition to numerous medical treatments, we also recommend a promising cosmetic application to help our skin regain freshness and renew the cells. This is because, according to the 4-D concept of aging, in addition to volume loss, gravity and proportions, the skin surface plays an important role.

“Hydra Facial®” combines cleansing, exfoliation, cell renewal and care in one treatment. It is this combination that revitalizes and refreshes our skin from the ground up. The anti-aging revolution originated in Los Angeles and enjoys particular popularity there, and not only among celebrities.


The internationally recognized method with the patented Vortex® technology is suitable for every skin type – even for problem skin (e.g. dry and sensitive skin, acne, pigment disorders,etc.) thanks to the variation possibilities of the Hydra Facial® system.

Effective results are achieved after only 45 minutes of treatment.


The Hydra Facial treatment proceeds in 5 steps:

1. skin removal
At the beginning, dead skin cells are removed.

2. exfoliation
Gentle exfoliation follows in preparation for deep cleansing.

3. deep cleansing
Impurities and sebum deposits are sucked out of the pores by means of a vacuum.

4. hydration
Dermal infusion with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants using the patented Vortex-Fused Tip® enrich the skin.

5. light therapy and lymphatic drainage
First, the face is treated with blue light. This ensures that any remaining bacteria on the skin are removed. This is followed by a treatment with red light, which stimulates collagen production and cell renewal under the skin. The results are immediately visible, the skin gets a magical glow after just one application and in the long term applied it looks healthier, purer and plumper, which is mainly due to the intensive deep cleansing and moisturizing of the cells.

For a permanently improved skin appearance, we recommend having the Hydra Facial treatment performed monthly.

Treatment is not possible in case of acute occurrence of herpes.

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