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Dekolleté – Treatment with Ultherapy® and Radiesse®

Similar to our hands, our neck and décolleté reveal our true age. And as the years go by, the small wrinkles in the décolleté area become more and more pronounced. Especially stomach and side sleepers see a creased result in the morning. While we pay a lot of attention to our face, we neglect the neck and décolleté in our daily care. Yet the skin here is particularly thin, has hardly any fat pads and only a few sebaceous glands. This is why this part of the body loses moisture more quickly and becomes wrinkled. The fact that the décolleté is usually exposed to the sun all the time increases the effect of skin ageing.

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Ultherapy decolette



With highly focused ultrasound, you can counteract the signs of time in the décolleté with lasting effect. Because Ultherapy® lifts and tightens without surgical intervention and downtime. Micro-focused ultrasound naturally stimulates collagen synthesis in the deep layers of the skin. Thus, the skin surface is not damaged and there is no downtime. Especially for prevention, this treatment is popular with patients over 30 years of age, as it is possible to strengthen the tissue with few treatment lines, thus slowing down the ageing process.


A treatment with Radiesse® is a dermal filler that achieves a triple effect: Wrinkle correction, gentle lifting and long-term skin tightening. Deeper wrinkles can be filled and tightened with Radiesse®. For a more youthful appearance on the neck and décolleté.


We have just proven the combination of Ultherapy® and Radiesse® in an internationally published study against cellulite. The results with this combination are also unique in the case of tissue ageing on the décolleté. Ultherapy® works like muscle training. The tissue is stimulated to synthesise collagen and contracts during the treatment. The Radiesse® treatment immediately afterwards works like the protein after successful muscle training. The body gets exactly the building materials to stimulate enough of the body’s own collagen. The result after this 1-time combination treatment is visible in its full expression approx. 6 months later.


  • No surgical intervention
  • Over 50 clinical studies
  • FDA-approved
  • More than 1.5 million treatments worldwide
  • Low pain
  • Precise localisation of the treatment in deeper skin layers thanks to the patented Deep-SEE procedure
  • A panel of medical experts named Ultherapy as the gold standard for non-surgical skin tightening
  • No surgical intervention
  • FDA-approved
  • More than 8 million treatments worldwide
  • Low pain
  • Harmonious transitions and beautiful modelling



Together with Dr. Katrin Bartsch or Dr. Rolf Bartsch, the medical options are discussed in detail. Which treatment is the right one for you? Risks, the course of treatment and the healing process will be explained to you in detail.


Ultherapy® treatment:

First, the tissue layers are defined on a screen (patented technique of visualisation using ultrasound) and then targeted impulses with up to 70 degrees Celsius are triggered. In doing so, we reach the deeper skin layers without affecting the skin surface. Loose collagen fibres contract again and the new production of elastin and collagen in the connective tissue cells is stimulated. The treatment depth can be individually adjusted to 1.5, 3 or up to 4.5 millimetres, leaving the skin surface completely intact. The results become visible over a period of several months, because you also have to give the collagen regeneration time. The result is a younger skin appearance with more contour. Because the final result develops in small steps, it is not visible to outsiders that a treatment has taken place – unlike a lift. The effect is very natural.

Radiesse® treatment:

Radiesse® is injected under the skin with a very fine blunt needle and stimulates the body’s own cells to form a natural collagen network. Radiesse® is easy to model and provides harmonious, natural transitions. The skin structure is strengthened, wrinkles are reliably corrected and the skin quality is improved. The treatment is almost painless and takes about 30 minutes.

  • Both treatments can also be combined for an even more beautiful, smoother skin appearance on the neck and décolleté.

The combination treatments take place in our clinic. People’s perception of pain is generally very different. The very fine treatment points caused by the ultrasound trigger a tingling sensation on the skin and irritate the nerves. For most patients it is sufficient to use an anaesthetic ointment. Very sensitive patients can also take a painkiller tablet, and if desired, local anaesthesia can be administered with a syringe. Compared to a surgical procedure, Ultherapy® and Radiesse® are considered to have even fewer complications. Side effects may include mild swelling and redness, which may last a few days after the treatment.

Our team and we doctors are always available for you should you have any questions. In case of emergency, you can always reach us on our mobile number.

Dr. Rolf Bartsch: +43 69911222000


Dr. Katrin Bartsch

With Ultherapy® and Radiesse® wrinkles can be reduced again. The heat of the ultrasound tightens from the inside out and the dermal filler rebuilds lost volume.

Solution in steps
Why Dr. Bartsch?

We always say: “your gut feeling must be right”. Let your instinct be your guide. But there are also a few hard facts that can make a possible decision easier for you:

  • Experience: Dr. Katrin Bartsch is considered a specialist in the field of aesthetic medicine. She is a general practitioner with several years of training as a dermatologist and is known for her sense of naturalness. With her you are in good hands.
  • Safety: through a professional team
  • Accessibility: we are there for you – by mail, phone and via homepage.