theaesthetics stands for individual treatment concepts,
which we optimally adapt to our patients through non-invasive,
minimally invasive and invasive procedures.
Next to minimally invasive procedures such as eyebrow lift,
we also offer invasive procedures to help you achieve your aesthetic desire.

In addition to classic breast augmentation or lifting, there are
constantly new methods in plastic surgery to express your individual beauty.
Our mission is not to follow every trend.
We would like to offer you the most efficient and safest applications that achieve sustainable results.

An important part of these applications are the anti-fat and anti-cellulite treatments.
In addition to tried-and-tested procedures, the new CELLFINA®procedure  and
VASER®-liposuction represent milestones in plastic surgery.

Also for treatments in the genital area, our experts are there for you as a contact person
and will gladly advise you on any questions in a personal conversation!