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Reconstructive surgery

High-quality plastic surgery for people who suffer from deformities, physical changes or pain, which can also result in emotional suffering.

An asymmetrical breast or severely drooping eyelids, poorly healed or conspicuous scars, for example after piercing holes – as well as numerous other physical complaints from which many people suffer unnecessarily, can be professionally treated by Dr. Rolf Bartsch – specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Our goal is to help our patients who need surgical reconstructive intervention to achieve a noticeably better body feeling and body function as efficiently and safely as possible.

Asymmetrical body shapes, which are often accompanied by limitations, can be corrected by plastic surgery reconstruction. We treat each patient individually and tailor the treatment methods to their personal needs.

We will be happy to inform you about your options in a non-binding consultation. Simply make an individual appointment.

Areas of treatment

For many women, the suffering from tubular breasts begins during puberty. This is a congenital malformation in which the breast forms a tubular shape. As experts in reconstructive surgery, we can alleviate the long suffering of those affected by removing the usually genetically determined malformation and creating an aesthetically well-formed round breast. The aim of the operation is above all that the result not only looks beautiful and natural, but also corresponds to the patient’s wishes and that they feel comfortable with it again. Existing asymmetries can also be compensated for to a certain extent by means of implants, if this is the patient’s wish. From €6,500 + implants (from €500 / pc).

For many women, very large breasts are not only a great psychological burden, but often also a physical one. Back pain and skin problems, but also a general “feeling of not feeling well” in one’s own body are often the result. With the medical-reconstructive procedure of breast reduction, we adjust the size and weight as desired so that not only the physical, but also the psychological burden can be reduced or usually completely eliminated. From 7.500,-

Skin damage and tumours, often caused by sun damage, should be removed whole and healthy after diagnosis in order to prevent further spread. The removal of skin tumours such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma or even melanoma on the face or body poses a special medical-aesthetic challenge, because for a safe result, a significantly larger area of skin must be operated on around the tumour than the area directly affected by the tumour.

Very often, direct skin closure is no longer possible as a result. In these cases, special surgical methods are required to achieve not only safe but also beautiful results. Thanks to our high-quality and aesthetic know-how, we can achieve very beautiful and at the same time medically safe results with special flap techniques or skin grafts. These procedures can usually be performed under local anaesthesia in our surgery without the need for further hospitalisation.

The piercing of a piercing hole causes a new canal to grow where the piercing is in the skin, which over time becomes completely overgrown with skin. If the piercing is removed after some time, a hole still remains that is completely covered with normal cornea and the channel can therefore no longer grow closed. To remove this piercing hole, the piercing channel that is covered by skin has to be punched out and sutured with a special suturing technique. Piercing holes around the mouth as well as in the nose can be removed in this way.

The result will be a much less noticeable scar, but you should still expect a minimal scar to remain. This procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia in the surgery without hospitalisation.

From 450,-

Medical reconstructive earlobe correction can have different manifestations:

The earlobe is partially torn after it has been pierced for earrings or piercings, the earring therefore no longer holds in its original position.
The earlobe is completely torn through, caused by an accident.
The earlobe has been massively expanded by wearing jewellery.
Depending on how much the earlobe is stretched, whether it is only partially or completely torn, there are different techniques under local anaesthesia to reconstruct the earlobe. After such a reconstructive medical intervention, a new piercing is possible after 3-6 months – depending on the state of healing.

This procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia in the surgery without hospitalisation.


Sewing up earlobes: one-sided € 500,- / both-sided € 700,-.
Torn earlobe: one-sided € 700,- / both-sided € 1.100,-
Earlobe overstretched (reconstruction): one-sided: € 1.100,- / both-sided € 1.600,-

If the skin has been cut through by an operation or an accident to deeper tissue, to muscle or even bone, a scar will always remain when it heals later.

The new skin grows together randomly after the tissue layer has been cut and no longer has a straight structure. As a result, scar tissue always appears different from normal skin tissue. Hub corrections can never permanently remove scars, but they can reduce scars or treat them if they are painful.

In a medical-aesthetic procedure, for example, nerves that are trapped in the scar tissue can be released, or scars that hurt during movement can be widened with special flap plastics so that the scars no longer hurt during movement. Due to our high medical-aesthetic standards, we know that scar corrections should always be carried out by experienced plastic surgeons, because the correction options are very diverse and must always be individually adapted – depending on the degree of maturity of the scar.

Scar corrections can usually be performed under local anaesthesia in the surgery without a stay in hospital. We also offer non-surgical scar therapies. For example, laser, microneedling and cortisone cream therapies. We also provide optimal support in post-operative scar treatment, aftercare and wound healing control.

With medical reconstructive surgery on the face, asymmetries caused by loss of volume with age or accidents can be corrected. Degraded fatty tissue is restored and the face is given volume and freshness again.

If this is not enough, we offer numerous other treatment methods that can restore some youth to the face. Due to our high medical-aesthetic standards, we can develop an individual high-quality treatment concept that leads to optimal results and patient satisfaction.

We not only work with volume-giving hyaluronic acid fillers, Botox or even minimally invasive thread lifts, but can also achieve first-class results with numerous new treatments. We are the leaders in many methods throughout Austria.

Restoring the original field of vision of the eyelids is a very sensitive medical reconstructive procedure.
The procedure on the upper and lower eyelids makes sense when fatty tissue comes forward and the remaining skin begins to sag. Here, upper eyelid lifting and/or lower eyelid lifting can provide relief.
Often, drooping upper eyelids are not only an aesthetic problem, they can also cause restrictions in the field of vision. This makes the restoration of the upper eyelids a medical necessity (See our blog article: Eyelid Lift) If you suffer from severe bags under the eyes or deep dark circles, a lower eyelid lift can be the perfect solution.

From 2.200,-

Solution in steps
Why Dr. Bartsch?

We always say: “the gut feeling must be right”. Let your instincts guide you. But there are also a few hard facts that can make a possible decision easier for you:

  • Experience: Dr. Rolf Bartsch is considered a specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery.
  • Safety: through a professional team, anesthesia outpatient clinic and a specialized clinic
  • Accessibility: Dr. Rolf Bartsch can be reached 24 hours a day by messenger at +4369911222000.