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Surgical correction of breast operations

As with any surgery, complications can occur with breast surgery. Your new breast does not look as you imagined, you have pain, you do not feel well? Many patients with previously operated breasts ask for trustworthy consultation and expertise and possibly a new operation, so that their breasts finally become their dream breasts.

A failed operation should not and must not happen, but most of the time there is a possibility of correction or improvement. Many factors play a role in achieving the perfect breast: the experience of the doctor, the choice of implant, position and incision decide how perfect the result will be. However, the body is not a Lego construction set and therefore individual healing is also an important factor. No surgeon is immune to this and everyone who has been operating for a long time has also dealt with their own complications. I have become more and more fascinated with corrective surgery as my experience has grown, because these procedures make me feel as if I am returning to the origins of the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Before and After Pictures

Correction breast lift
Correction breast lift
Correction of a bad breast augmentation
Correction of a bad breast augmentation
Breast correction
Correction of the underbust crease
Breast correction
Breast correction
Breast correction
Save botched breast
Save botched breast
Save botched breast
Breast augmentation correction
Implant removal
Breast Augmentation

First and foremost, a distinction must be made between a lack of successful treatment and an actual treatment error, which can even have life-threatening consequences. A result that does not correspond to the patient’s expectations is not always considered a treatment error. It may also be that the surgeon has worked according to all medical standards and the result looks different than planned. This may depend on the breast tissue, for example. Factors such as previous pregnancy, symmetry of the breasts, smoker or athleticism of the patient may affect the result. It can take up to a year for scars to heal and all swelling to disappear before the final result of breast surgery is seen.

Did a trained, licensed plastic surgeon treat you?
Were you informed of the risks and side effects?
Were you able to clarify all open questions in advance?

We have created a checklist (click here for more information) that includes all the questions you should ask the attending physician before surgery.


If one or more of the points apply, talk to your surgeon or schedule a consultation and we’ll look at it together.

  • You have pain.
  • The implants are out of place or too big.
  • The implants are too close together.
  • The breasts look asymmetrical.
  • The breasts are sagging.
  • You feel hardening (read about capsular fibrosis here).
  • The scars are too big and not pretty.
  • You feel less in the breast area.

As unique as every woman is, so individual is every breast. Therefore, each treatment must also be tailored to individual needs. If the plastic surgeon does not have enough experience and know-how in breast surgery, mistakes can happen: a tubular breast is not recognized as such, an asymmetrical breast is operated on incorrectly, the proportions are not right in the end. However, you do not have to resign yourself to this result.

My breasts are made by Dr. Rolf Bartsch.

Dr. Rolf Bartsch has decades of experience in plastic surgery. He is a specialist in breast surgery and has performed more than 1,000 breast procedures in the last 10 years. Safety is our top priority. Each procedure is performed with a professional team, with anesthesia ambulance and in a specialized clinic. Dr. Bartsch works with a modern 3D scan, your breasts are scanned in advance using 3D technology. This allows us to simulate a possible result in advance and plan the procedure together. Dr. Rolf Bartsch can be reached 24 hours a day by messenger at +4369911222000.


If you are unhappy with your already operated breast, arrange an initial consultation in the office, after a consultation and the 3D scan, medically possible and not possible will be explained to you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Solution in steps
Why Dr. Bartsch?

We always say: “the gut feeling must be right”. Let your instincts be your guide. But there are also a few hard facts that can make a possible decision easier for you:

  • Experience: more than 1,000 breast procedures in the last 10 years Safety: thanks to a professional team, anesthesia outpatient clinic and a specialized clinic
  • Accessibility: Dr. Rolf Bartsch can be reached 24 hours a day for you via Messenger at +4369911222000
  • Technology: surgery planning using 3D scan
  • Innovation: Dr. Bartsch is a trainer for breast surgery at the European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery and speaker at international congresses.