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Annemarie Hüller


Alma Hybrid™ Laser

What does the Alma Hybrid™ laser do?

The Alma Hybrid™ laser stands for top performance in aesthetic medicine and enables us to perform a wide range of aesthetic treatments – from skin rejuvenation to scar reduction. This allows us to offer you maximum comfort and impressive results.

Skin treatment with the Alma Hybrid™ is based on three key principles: first-class ablation for perfect resurfacing, maximum thermal depth effect to promote collagen synthesis and dermis regeneration, and extremely efficient transepidermal delivery of essential substances to the skin.

These basic principles of the Alma Hybrid™ treatment guarantee you precise control of the downtime, tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

Possible applications

Combining advanced ablative and thermal technologies with enhanced cosmeceutical delivery, this treatment achieves impressive results with minimal downtime. The unique scan pattern of CO2 and 1,570nm lasers tightens the skin, improves fine lines, wrinkles and removes UV-induced pigmentation. Impact ultrasound technology allows deep penetration of products for optimal results.

Costs | from € 690

OScar is the ultimate solution for the removal of a wide range of scars – from acne scars to injury and surgical scars. The innovative combination of CO2 and 1,570 nm wavelengths allows individual adjustment of parameters such as penetration depth, coagulation width and density. After treatment with Impact, the laser optimally penetrates the skin, enhanced by medical active ingredients to improve the overall results.

Costs | from € 450

Uneven skin tones and pigmentation spots are a thing of the past with the Alma Hybrid™ laser. The treatment helps to achieve an even skin tone.

Costs | from € 690

Before and After Pictures

Alma Hybrid™ Laser
Alma Hybrid™ Laser
Alma Hybrid™ Laser
Alma Hybrid™ Laser

HyGrid™ | Tailor-made perfection

Reliable, precise and flexible: HyGrid™ combines the advantages of CO2 and 1570 nm lasers in one applicator. Adjusting the ratio of ablative to non-ablative pixels in a matrix enables customized treatment according to the individual requirements of each patient.

The simultaneous use of both laser wavelengths ensures maximum effectiveness, is suitable for various skin types and minimizes downtime due to a low ablation density.

The successful combination of lasers

CO2 laser: The perfect combination of ablative, coagulative and thermal effect enables extremely efficient and highly precise focused or fractional laser treatments.

1570 nm laser: A non-ablative fiber laser that produces a thermal effect and creates coagulation channels to promote the synthesis of new dermis without penetrating the epidermis.

IMPACT: Through the micro-channels created by the CO2 laser, pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals are delivered transepidermally deep into the skin layers to achieve outstanding results.

Solution in steps