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Lower & Upper Eyelid Lift


It’s no secret that in the course of the aging process, connective tissue loses volume and tone. The area around the eyes is particularly affected by this. Excess skin causes drooping eyelids, the eyebrows droop and the lower eyelid casts gray shadows. The facial expression appears tired, sad and stressed. A characteristic in which one or the other recognizes him/herself.

Even small surgical interventions allow positive changes, not only for an awake and radiant look, but also in the fight against migraines and facial field restrictions due to drooping eyelids.


The most common procedure in the eye region is the upper eyelid lift with the aim of creating a fresh yet natural expression. In a no-obligation initial consultation, we will explain the technique, show you before/after pictures and explain the possible procedure in detail. Upper eyelid lifts are often combined with a lateral temple lift. In this way, excess skin on the side of the upper eyelid can be perfectly treated. The reason to undergo lower eyelid surgery is swelling with or without significant excess skin. When it comes purely to wrinkling of the lower eyelid, Fraxel laser treatment may be more appropriate than surgery. Tear troughs, which are often responsible for a tired facial expression, can be treated with autologous fat or hyaluronic acid and fillers. We will clarify together what is the most suitable treatment plan for you.


In an upper eyelid lift, the incision is made directly in the fold of the eyelid so that the scar is hardly visible later. In addition to the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue, an inner brow lift or lifting of the lacrimal gland may be necessary. A lateral lift of the eyebrows can also eliminate the excess at the lateral edge of the eyelid. Here the incision is made in the hairy area of the temple without shaving out any hair. This way, the incision remains almost invisible. With the right technique, this operation can be performed almost scar-free.

Scar 5 days after upper eyelid blepharoplasty


In upper eyelid lifting, the skin incision is made directly in the fold of the eyelid so that the scar is hardly visible later. In addition to the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue, an inner brow lift may be necessary as described above. A lateral eyebrow lift can also eliminate the excess at the lateral eyelid margin. Here, the incision is made in the hairy area of the temple without shaving out any hair. Thus, this incision remains almost invisible. With the right technique, this operation can be performed with almost no scarring.

Eyelid lift – Brow lift
Result of the removal of skin fat muscle

Ein großer Pluspunkt dieser Eingriffe ist die ambulante Operation bei uns in der Ordination mit einer örtlichen Betäubung oder einem Dämmerschlaf. Sollte es notwendig sein, kann auch stationär auf eine Vollnarkose zurückgegriffen werden. Bekanntermaßen kuriert man sich zuhause am besten aus, deshalb können Sie schon wenige Stunden nach der OP mit einer Begleitung nach Hause fahren. Gegen mögliche Schmerzen bekommen Sie von uns die passende Schmerzmedikation. Um die Wundheilung zu kontrollieren und Ihnen bei Fragen zur Seite zu stehen, ist nach zwei Tagen ein Pflasterwechsel angedacht. Der Fadenzug erfolgt dann sieben Tage nach der OP. Sind die Fäden gezogen und die Krusten gelöst, können Sie mit der Narbenpflege LINK beginnen. Es werden ca. 10-14 Tage leichte Blutergüsse sichtbar sein, arbeitsfähig sind Sie grundsätzlich schon am nächsten Tag. Make-up können Sie nach ca. 10 Tagen wieder auftragen. Ihr Körper braucht ungefähr 1 Woche Ruhe, das heißt körperliche Anstrengung ist zu vermeiden.

Mein Team und ich sind jederzeit für Sie erreichbar, sollten Sie Fragen haben. Sie erreichen mich nach der OP auch nachts immer auf meiner Mobilnummer. Weitere Kontrolltermine in meiner Ordination sind wichtig, um den Heilungsprozess optimal zu begleiten und werden schon vor dem Eingriff mit Ihnen vereinbart.

Nach einer gelungenen Operation und dem Abwarten des Verheilungsprozesses haben Sie keine Schmerzen und können problemlos allen Tätigkeiten wieder nachgehen.


There are two methods for lower eyelid surgery. We work with a scar-invisible technique that is performed transconjunctivally through the mucous membranes of the eye. This allows scars to be placed in invisible places, which is particularly important for the eye area. With a gentle incision in the area of the lash line, the lower eyelids can be treated with the classic technique. Excess skin and fatty tissue can be gently removed. The scar is barely visible to the naked eye and is well hidden under the eyelashes. Your anatomy and initial situation will determine which technique is right for you.


A great advantage of these procedures is that they can be performed on an outpatient basis in our surgery with a local anaesthetic or twilight sleep. Should it be necessary, a general anaesthetic can also be used as an in-patient. It is well known that the best way to recover is at home, so you can go home with an escort just a few hours after the operation. We will give you the appropriate pain medication to counteract any pain. In order to check the healing of the wound and to assist you with any questions, a change of plaster is planned after two days. The stitches are then removed seven days after the operation. Once the stitches have been removed and the crusts loosened, you can start with the scar care LINK. Slight bruising will be visible for about 10-14 days, but you will be able to work the next day. You can apply make-up again after about 10 days. Your body needs about 1 week of rest, i.e. physical exertion should be avoided.

My team and I are available for you at any time should you have any questions. You can always reach me on my mobile number after the operation, even at night. Further check-up appointments in my surgery are important in order to optimally accompany the healing process and will be arranged with you before the operation.

After a successful operation and waiting for the healing process, you will have no pain and can resume all activities without any problems.


Dr. Rolf Bartsch

Surgeries on the eye area are one of the most common procedures, as medical reasons play a major role in this area in addition to aesthetic desires. If medically necessary, operations in the area of the eyebrows, the upper and lower limbs can be combined.

Solution in steps

You are also welcome to contact us by phone at: 01 353 55 55 or use our contact form. Please note that the next available online date may not necessarily be the next available date. Please feel free to call us if no suitable online appointment is available.

Why Dr. Bartsch?

We always say: “your gut feeling must be right”. Let your instinct be your guide. But there are also a few hard facts that can make a possible decision easier for you:

  • Experience: Dr. Bartsch has already performed hundreds of eyelid corrections in his career, has an enormous expertise that is constantly being expanded at congresses and is considered a specialist for this treatment method.
  • Safety: a professional team is there for you the entire time.
  • Availability: Dr. Rolf Bartsch can be reached 24 hours a day by messenger at +4369911222000.
  • Technique: invasive, lifting.
  • Individual: each patient is treated individually by Dr. Bartsch, the important thing is always the right combination of skin, muscle and fat to get a natural result: patients want to look better, but not changed.