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What is Botox®?

Botox® is a term that is widely used in the world of beauty and aesthetics. But what is Botox® actually? And how does it work?

Botox® is the colloquial name for botulinum toxin, a naturally occurring protein that is very popular in the medical and aesthetic industries. It is used in minimal amounts for cosmetic purposes to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Botox works by temporarily inhibiting muscle contraction in the treated areas, resulting in smoother and more youthful skin.

Application areas | aesthetic

The most popular among our patients is the treatment with botulinum toxin in three zones. These zones include the classic expression lines such as frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Costs | from € 390,-

When treating the forehead, it is important to work with the correct dosage so that facial expressions are preserved. Deep wrinkles can be additionally injected with hyaluronic acid and thus reduced.

If the eyebrows are too deep and do not correspond to the individual ideal according to the facial analysis, they can be lifted with a simple stitch. Especially the loss of volume in the forehead with age causes the eyebrows to move downwards. In such cases, treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers can be useful.

Costs | from € 250,-

These wrinkles are usually caused by the loss of elastic fibers, intense laughter and decreased water balance.

Crow’s feet are the wrinkles to the right and left of the eyes. Botulinum toxin treatment focuses on maintaining the sympathetic smile lines and smoothing only the deeper wrinkles above the cheeks.

Costs | from € 250,-

Treatment of the frown line is one of the most common areas for injections in the upper third of the face. A very common wish of our patients is to have more kindness conjured back into their face and to look a little fresher.

Costs | from € 250,-

If too much gum shows when laughing, in that the lips rotate too far upwards, this can be treated gently and easily by reducing the rotational force of the lip with Botox.

Costs | from € 250,-

Hyaluronic acid is used to create beautiful and full lips. However, if the upper lip is considered too narrow, this can be easily and naturally corrected with a combination of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin. On social media, this technique is referred to as “LipFlip,” but we have taken it further. By using blunt needles, also called cannulas, we treat the lips without leaving major bruising. This allows you to quickly return to your daily routine.

Costs | from € 450,- Hyaluronic acid filler included

In the case of excessive stress, for example due to teeth grinding or frequent chewing of gum, the masseter can become excessively pronounced and become visible to the outside as an enlarged jaw area. This leads to a facial shape that is perceived as “angular”, especially by women as too “masculine”.

Facial Slimming aims to achieve this visual narrowing of the face.

Costs | from € 400,-

Application areas | medical

In the right form of migraine, we achieve almost complete freedom from pain through the use of botulinum toxin. At targeted pain points, precisely the muscles that exert pressure on the nerves in migraine patients are relaxed.

As a result, the intensity of attacks as well as the frequency of attacks can be treated in over 75% of patients. As experts in injections, we take the time to decide which therapy is right for you and your chances of going through the day pain-free. In more than 10 years we have successfully treated countless patients.

Costs | from € 450,-

Botulinum toxin can provide relief for excessive sweating – it inhibits sweat production. Injected into the armpit, it temporarily calms the muscles of our sweat glands. This has no effect on heat regulation, since only 5% of sweat glands are located in the armpits. The effect wears off after a few months. You are free of sweat after 5-7 days; the Botox treatment takes only a few minutes for months of freedom from sweat.

Costs | from € 600,-

The effect of Botox®

About 3-5 days after the treatment the effect unfolds. The result usually remains stable for 3-5 months. About half a year after the treatment, the drug has completely disappeared from the body.

If necessary, the treatment can be repeated at intervals of 3-6 months.

Things to know

Dilution: Dilution may result in a lower dose and thus a less intense effect. The duration of effect may be reduced as a result.

Technique: Since botulinum toxin can only act directly on the muscle, the correct technique for the injection is essential. If, for example, product is delivered in fatty tissue, the desired effect may not be achieved.

Product: An effect for more than 4-5 months is not realistic, we warn against products with complex proteins. That is why we use the brand Bocouture®.

Animal testing information

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Botox Gummy Smile
Botox Forehead wrinkles
Botox Forehead wrinkles

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Filler | Hyaluronic acid NEU

What is hyaluronic acid filler?

Hyaluronic acid is especially known for its remarkable properties in the treatment of wrinkles. It is the most tolerable filler because the active ingredient is naturally present in the body.

Hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to restore lost facial volume and target static wrinkles through direct injection. In cases of advanced volume loss, highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid preparations are injected into deeper tissue layers to build up new volume.

Application areas

A frequent application area of hyaluronic acid is the lips. Due to its extreme dynamics, the product is suitable not only for smoothing small wrinkles, but also for balancing asymmetries and emphasizing the lip lines. Volume filling gives the lips fullness and femininity. The proportion ratio of the upper lip to the lower lip (1:1.6) and the line from the nose to the tip of the chin must not be exceeded. We have been achieving reliable results with Belotero® fillers for over 10 years.

Before/after photos 
Costs | from € 390,-

The nose has a massive influence on the aesthetic shape of the face and personal perception. Many patients would like to have a straight nose, but without surgical intervention. In addition to surgical nose corrections, there is also the possibility of correcting the nose through the use of fillers. “Liquid Nose” is the name given to the non-surgical shaping of the nose to correct nasal bumps and to raise the tip of the nose through the use of fillers.

By injecting the nose in the area of the bridge of the nose or the tip of the nose, an immediate and harmonious shaping of the nose can be achieved. A nasal hump can be temporarily removed or reduced by the lamination, and a deep-set nasal tip can be lifted.

Before/after photos
Costs | from € 450,-

As we age, the shape and contour of our face changes. The contour of our face becomes softer and is no longer clearly defined. The goal of Jawline Contouring is to create a sharp contour between the lower jaw and neck. This defined lower jawline is considered a symbol of youth.

Before/after photos 
More informations about Texas Face 
Costs | from € 850,-

The muscles of the face cause the wrinkles on the forehead to appear. Especially when frowning, they become more visible over time. A combination therapy of Botox (botulinum toxin) and hyaluronic acid achieves beautiful results here. The wrinkles can be corrected naturally through the injection. The look appears clearer and softer. Due to loss of volume at the forehead, the eyebrow also sinks down. Thus, treatment with fillers on the forehead can also lift the eyebrow.

Costs | from € 650,-

These wrinkles appear on the right and left below the nose and are particularly prominent with dynamic facial expressions. Especially the loss of volume in the midface causes the nasolabial fold to become more pronounced with age. Injecting hyaluronic acid naturally softens the wrinkles and makes the face look softer. Often, the treatment of the wrinkle directly is only possible in combination with a treatment of the midface to achieve a natural result. A face should never appear overfilled or, as they say, “sprayed on”.

Costs | from € 390,-

Hyaluronic acid can be used successfully and naturally around the sensitive eye area. Wrinkles under the eyes, dark circles and dark circles can be treated well with it. It is important to place the right product at the right depth and with the right technique. In addition to knowledge of the anatomy, a precise analysis is also important.

Costs | from € 550,-

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Filler in Nose | Liquid Nose
Filler Nose
Liquid Nose
Liquid Nose
Filler in cheekbone, jaw angle and lips
Nose treatment
Lip injection
Hyaluron & Ultrasound
Hyaluron injection
Filler against chin dimples
Hyaluron injection against dark circles

The treatment

In the course of our initial consultation, we define your desired result together with you and put it in relation to what is actually feasible. It is of great importance to provide you with realistic expectations, based on your individual physical conditions.

Subsequently, we will develop your treatment plan for you, which may include the combination of different techniques such as laser, filler or botulinum toxin, if necessary.

When using hyaluronic acid fillers, the main focus is on restoring facial volume. As this volume is lost with age, we replace it with an appropriate filler, which may vary in consistency (thin/thick) depending on the treatment area and the desired intensity of the result.

Radiesse®: the revolution in filler treatment

Radiesse®, a filler based on calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), is often used in beauty medicine to effectively plump up deep wrinkles. It acts not only as an aesthetic solution to plump up wrinkles, but also as a promoter of the body’s own collagen production in the body.

The rejuvenation achieved extends far beyond the treatment itself, producing a lasting improvement in the skin’s structure and underlying tissues. Even sagging areas of the chin and cheeks can be effectively sculpted with Radiesse, helping patients regain their youthful radiance.

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Botox against frown lines

What is Botox? 

Botulinum toxin is a drug that gently reduces the activity of certain muscles by injection to counteract and prevent age-related changes. Colloquially, one speaks of “Botox”, which is a brand name for botulinum toxin. In addition to “Botox”, there are products from different manufacturers that have different names. Botox, Bocouture, Dysport, Azzalure, Netybo, Vistabel, and some more.

The effect: the reflection in the mirror shows a rejuvenated, refreshed and more positive appearance. In addition, it has also been proven in studies that through the improved appearance, through a positive feedback with our fellow men, for example, depression is positively influenced.

Doctors have been working with botulinum toxin (Botox, BTX) in medicine for decades. This is not a neurotoxin, as is often erroneously reported, but a drug. As is known with all medicines, the dose makes the poison.

The treatment of the frown line is one of the most common areas of injections in the upper third of the face. A very common wish of our patients is to have more kindness conjured back into their face and look a little fresher. The frown line is formed by a total of 3 muscles that form both a horizontal or vertical wrinkle. In whichever direction the frown lines are formed, we always perceive them as negative due to genetics.

The aim of Botox treatment is to prevent the formation of wrinkles and to reduce the existing frown lines by reducing the range of motion of the 3 muscles.

Would you like to have your frown lines injected?

First, Dr. Bartsch will assess whether the wrinkle is static or dynamic and analyze the degree of expression (grade 0-4). For wrinkles caused by dynamics, the cause must be treated. Botulinum toxin leads to a calming of the muscles, this calming leads to less movement and thus to fewer wrinkles. First, the muscle should always be calmed by means of Botox, only then can it be evaluated whether hyaluronic acid can also be injected to fill an existing deep wrinkle.

Grade classification of the frown line

There are different injection points, which are adapted to the individual expression of the musculature. After a treatment with botulinum toxin, slightly reddened injection points and a small elevation due to the injected liquid are seen for a short time, which disappear after 30 minutes. The treatment of frown lines is performed on an outpatient basis and takes only a few minutes.


The “”t is not immediately visible, unlike fillers. The effect starts about 2-5 days after the treatment and lasts between 3 and 6 months – depending on the region, the amount of Botox used, the individual strength of the muscles and especially the expectations each person has. The curve shown shows why some people feel that the effect is diminishing after 2 months. After 2 months the effect is about 80% and therefore the area is no longer completely blocked.

We recommend to repeat the treatment in intervals of 3-6 months according to personal needs.

What are the risks of an injection in the frown line?

If Botox is injected too much or too deep, it can cause a drooping eyelid or make the face look too petrified. Such undesirable reactions caused by botulinum toxin treatment disappear on their own after a few weeks or months.

Facts about botulinum toxin:

Excessive dilution can result in a lower dose and thus less effect. The duration of effect is often reduced as a result.
Technique is important. Botulinum toxin can only work on the muscle. If half of it has landed in the fatty tissue, the effect cannot last long.
An effect for more than 4-5 months is not realistic – caution is advised with products containing complex proteins, as the effect can diminish with repeated use – we use the pure, active ingredient Bocouture® from Merz.

Lower eyelid lift

Would you like to have an awake, radiant look again – no tired, swollen lower eyelids or “thick” bags under the eyes?


Many patients suffer from swelling with or without significant excess skin on the lower eyelids. In some cases, such as pure wrinkling of the lower eyelid or a tired expression due to the tear trough, other treatments such as laser, autologous fat or filler can be an alternative. Even small surgical and non-invasive procedures can have a big effect: an awakened, younger facial expression provides more freshness, friendliness and attractiveness.

What happens before the operation

In a comprehensive consultation, the medical options will be explained to you. Risks, the course of treatment and the healing process are discussed in detail.

What happens during lower eyelid lifting

A great advantage of this procedure is the outpatient surgery in our surgery under twilight sleep. Our anaesthetists will advise you in advance on all questions regarding the anaesthetic. In lower eyelid surgery, the incision is usually made in the area of the mucous membrane (transconjunctival). In this case, only the excess fat is removed. If a skin resection is also performed, the incision is made just below the lash line. Redistribution of the fatty tissue can help to improve dark circles under the eyes. If the lower edge of the eyelid is very soft, the outer corner of the eye can be lifted and the edge of the eyelid tightened.

After the operation / Aftercare

You will be discharged shortly after the operation and can go home with a companion. We will give you the appropriate pain medication to counteract any pain. You will be able to socialise again after approx. 10-14 days, until then there may be slight swelling and bruising. In principle, you will be able to work the next day. The small strips of plaster will be changed by us on the 2nd-3rd day after the operation at a check-up appointment and the wound will be checked. In the case of lower eyelids, there are usually no stitches to be removed. Physical exertion should be avoided for about a week.

Dr. Rolf Bartsch and his team are always available for you. Further check-up appointments are important to optimally support the healing process and are planned with you before the operation. These are always included in the surgery price, there are no additional costs.

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