Hair removal with IPL laser

For me, it was always clear, with my first salary after university, I have a permanent hair removal under my armpits. The constant shaving was not only tedious, but also did not bring the desired results – somehow there is always a kind of “shadow” back, because the razor cuts off the hair and not the root removed. Of course, I had already tried other alternatives, such as waxing or epilating, but these were not only painful, but you never caught all hair, and so I switched back to the razor.

When, almost seven years ago, I began to wonder where it would be best to put my plan into action, unfortunately many people told me that permanent hair removal was extremely painful and others were not satisfied with the result. In short: I did not want to suffer extreme pain, nor did I want to spend money on something and then continue to shave. So I put my request for the time being shelved.

During one of my regular facials at “The Aesthetics,” I was informed that the surgery had a new laser, the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Ellipse Laser, for treatment. This is a hair removal with flashes of light. Different wavelengths of light penetrate the hair. This results in heat, which then kills the growth cells of the hair. The hair roots are scorched by the resulting heat and fall out afterwards. From the laser and its effectiveness, I was very quickly convinced – was left only the question of pain. After a conversation with Adriane I was reassured. Why?

Adriane is a full professional, she understands and loves her craft. It is hard to believe, but she has been practicing her profession for 17 years. During this time, she has made hundreds of patients hairless happy and worked with a variety of lasers – she is particularly impressed by the results of the IPL Ellipse. But not only her – 9 out of 10 patients are very satisfied. What about the remaining 10 percent? These are usually patients who have a false expectation of the result, for example, to be completely hair-free. It may be that one or the other hair grows, but you can also remove this quickly with tweezers. And as far as the pain goes – as a full professional Adriane of course has a few tricks in stock to make the treatment as painless as possible. So about ten minutes before the treatment I applied a local anesthetic ointment under my armpits and between the flashes of light she put a cooling pad on me. Before you know it, then the first treatment is already over. For me, five treatments, 4 to 6 weeks apart, were enough to keep my hair completely under the armpits. I am really happy that this topic has finally settled for me.

What else is there to consider? About 24 hours before the first session, the parts of the body to be treated should be shaved. In addition, IPL is unfortunately not fully suitable for every hair and skin type. There must be a difference between skin and hair color for IPL to work. Light-skinned people with very light hair may be able to use IPL, but the low heat of the hair root is likely to cause the desired effect. Likewise, tanned skin is not ideal as it causes pain from the increased absorption of energy in the skin. It’s best to make a consultation appointment and decide for yourself!