What to look for before a lip injection

I want to enchance my lips, what do I have to consider?

How do I find the right doctor? Who suits me? Who makes the most beautiful lips, for my needs? How do I look afterwards? Questions about questions. Before an appointment for lip augmentation, this guide will help you to answer important questions in advance to your doctor and avoid unwanted consequences or complications after a procedure.

1. Pay attention to the material.

There are hundreds of different hyaluronic acid fillers on the market of aesthetic surgery and, unfortunately, many products that are partly banned in Austria or whose quality is inferior. These are semi-permanent or permanent fillers, e.g. Organic polymer. This product may sound very natural by the term “organic”, but is in fact plastic and dangerous. Hyaluronic acid should be used by well-known and reputable manufacturers for lip injections. Here is a list of products we recommend at “theaesthetics”:
    • Belotero® Lips, Belotero ®Balance, Belotero® Volume
    • Juvederm® Ultra 3, Ultra Smile – NO Juvederm Volbella® oder Volift® (personal opionon)
    • Croma Filler – Princess® or Saypha®
    • Stylage Lips®
    • Teoxane KISS®
    • Restylane Kysse®
    • Filorga® Filler

But is not hyaluron equal to hyaluron? No, with the best will not. Hyaluronic acids differ in cross-linking and concentration when looking at the packaging:

  • Concentration of hyaluron – mostly cross-linked hyaluron. This is stated in mg / ml. Eg 22mg / ml.
  • Cross-linking: Fillers that are not cross-linked can not produce a permanent volume because they simply “winninnnen”. Such products can only be used to improve skin quality.
  • Addition of lidocaine – this should be standard today. Products without lidocaine hurt more.

Unfortunately, that was far from everything. What is not on the pack, but a great importance, is a well kept secret by all manufacturers. The consistency! The following factors, apart from the doctor’s technique, are different for each filler, but are decisive for the consistency and thus also for the success of the treatment:

  • Elasticity – How “soft” and “supple” is the product
  • Plasticity – How much does the product return to its original shape when pushed?
  • Cohesiveness – How “stable” does the product stay in the place where I inject it.

Of course, no list can be one hundred percent and always complete, but only the well-known manufacturers, which have already been mentioned above, are doing intensive research to design first-class products.

2. Pay attention to the know-how and the experience of the doctor.

There is no training to guarantee that the practitioner is familiar with the anatomy of the lip, the aging process and also the possible dangers. Unfortunately in the last years injections on the lip, even led to permanent blindness. If you inject filler directly into the vessel, this can clog the artery leading to the retina and thus lead to permanent blindness.

Enlarging lips by injecting hyaluronic acid is one of the topics of aesthetic medicine. As part of the specialist training for plastic and aesthetic surgery, doctors operate on lips. You learn how to build a lip, reconstruct lips and treat lip tumors. The technique of spraying is learned later in special courses. The aesthetic treatment of the lip is not anchored in any training.

Dr. Rolf Bartsch is a trainer for aesthetic treatments and teaches his knowledge in these certified courses ( Only those who are knowledgeable can avoid risks. The treating physician must be familiar with the anatomy of the lips, the aging process and also the possible complications / dangers. Above all, he has to know in case of complications HOW he has to deal with it.

For the patient, it is very difficult to find the right specialist for lip injections, because even dermatologists and general practitioners can learn this very well through additional training and perform professionally. Therefore, it is always necessary to clarify beforehand: Does the treating person have enough experience, plenty of knowledge, satisfied patients? Further education is important, because the medicine is developing rapidly, there are new insights, new products and new techniques. Only those who have experience and medical know-how, as well as understand their craft, can avoid risks.

Tip, ask in advance for:

  • Before/After results
  • Have you ever had complications and how did you react? Because someone who injects himself many lips, even with their own patients must use Hylase. Someone who claims to have never treated a complication in their own patients may have had very few treatments.

3. Pay attention to the place of treatment.

Filler are medical products and their administration is still in the hands of doctors in Austria. But that does not have to be a guarantee for safety. Wherever treatment takes place, it should be a space dedicated to such treatment. An examination couch, a sink and hand sanitizer material must be present. Sterile needles or cannulas must be used during treatment and the practitioner must wear gloves and work in a sterile environment.

4. Pay attention to recommendations and evaluations.

A personal recommendation is worth a lot. We also certainly have more than 50 percent of our new patients on personal recommendations. Anonymous reviews on the internet can be controlled or wrong. Nevertheless, it helps online, in respectful forums (,, to look at reviews and read reviews. Satisfied patients speak for a professional and good doctor. Never pay attention to the number of reviews alone. The quantity says nothing, half can be fake. Nevertheless, we can not fake a picture in the long run in our eyes.

5. Pay attention to the gut feeling.

The last and certainly most important point is the gut feeling. Trust in the doctor and a good feeling with the team and in the office are important. If, despite all the euphoria of recommending friends, despite a great price (“Lip treatments under € 250 are dubious”) the guts say “there is something wrong” then rather continue searching.