The following article is devoted to senile hemangiomas which are often referred to by the vernacular as Blood Sponges. These are harmless vascular changes. In the area of ​​a senile hemangioma vessels have proliferated excessively. They first appear in the form of small red spots. Over time, they turn into slightly raised, blood-filled nodules, hence the term “Blutschwämmchen”. They are rarely larger than half a centimeter and can occur both isolated and in large numbers on the body. The formation of senile hemangiomas is genetic. In most cases, they can be removed quickly and without complications with a laser.

Blood Sponges from a medical point of view

Even if, from a medical point of view, blood sponges are harmless and are more of a cosmetic concern, they should be clarified by a doctor before being removed. You are welcome to hold a consultation with Dr. med. Katrin Bartsch. However, if the nodules get bigger, they are in danger of hurting them, and it is no longer a purely aesthetic problem. In addition, a senile hemangioma may be sensitive to pressure, for example if it forms in a fold of the skin or in the armpit. If other parts of the body or clothing rub against it, it may cause inflammation of the skin, or the blood sponge will be scratched. Scratching or piercing a sponge should definitely be avoided as it will injure a direct vessel and prevent it from closing automatically. It can come to an infection. However, a risk of infection does not come from a sponge of blood.

Blood sponge removal using ND: YAG laser

There are several ways to remove sponges. The most commonly used method is the laser. In our practice, we remove senile hemangiomas using ND: YAG lasers. A ray of light destroys the blood vessels and specifically treats the red pigment. Thereafter, the sun or the solarium should be shunned, as it can lead to pigmentary disorders. Depending on the size of the sponge, a fine scar may remain, but this is rarely the case. Generally, the treatment is considered risk and pain, with no downtime.

Number of treatments and price

Depending on the severity of the area to be treated or the number and size of the sponges either one or more sessions are necessary. The price starts at € 90, -.