Behind the scenes of aesthetic medicine

Dr. Rolf Bartsch is one of the country's most renowned aesthetic doctors. Now, in his first book, he gives a glimpse behind the scenes of his industry, provides valuable advice for anyone considering an aesthetic procedure - and passionately warns against the dangers of smartphones and social media.

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Wa(h)re Schönheit How social media and selfies destroy your self-image. And how billions are earned. What aesthetic surgery can do - and what it can't.


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14th of May 2024




191 pages


13,4 x 21,5 cm

Are smartphones making us uglier? Are social media dangerous for us, for our self-perception, for our mental health? The renowned aesthetic physician Dr. Rolf Bartsch says: Yes.

His urgent warning against the unthinking use of selfies and filters, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok is the focus of his book “Wa(h)re Schönheit”.

Dr. Bartsch presents his book against the backdrop of unprecedented growth in the beauty industry, with annual growth of up to 15 percent and a predicted doubling of turnover by 2030. Dr. Bartsch observes this trend critically, not least because of his own observations in his Viennese practice: more and more patients of all ages want to have procedures performed on themselves that are not necessary.

Against this backdrop, Dr. Bartsch believes that his profession not only has a medical responsibility, but also a social responsibility. He is particularly concerned with a reflective, conscious and self-confident approach to beauty and the harmonious interplay between the inside and outside: “The inside is more important for beauty than the outside,” he says.

Dr. Bartsch sees it as his task to educate people, both in direct discussions with patients and through the media. In “Wa(h)re Schönheit”, he therefore not only deals with current social issues. The book is also an exciting biography of a doctor, an inspiration to reflect on the historical, biological and social role of beauty, a helpful guide to dealing with modern technologies – and, with its wealth of practical tips, a “must-read” for anyone thinking of having an aesthetic procedure carried out.