Botox against frown lines

What is Botox? 

Botulinum toxin is a drug that gently reduces the activity of certain muscles by injection to counteract and prevent age-related changes. Colloquially, one speaks of “Botox”, which is a brand name for botulinum toxin. In addition to “Botox”, there are products from different manufacturers that have different names. Botox, Bocouture, Dysport, Azzalure, Netybo, Vistabel, and some more.

The effect: the reflection in the mirror shows a rejuvenated, refreshed and more positive appearance. In addition, it has also been proven in studies that through the improved appearance, through a positive feedback with our fellow men, for example, depression is positively influenced.

Doctors have been working with botulinum toxin (Botox, BTX) in medicine for decades. This is not a neurotoxin, as is often erroneously reported, but a drug. As is known with all medicines, the dose makes the poison.

The treatment of the frown line is one of the most common areas of injections in the upper third of the face. A very common wish of our patients is to have more kindness conjured back into their face and look a little fresher. The frown line is formed by a total of 3 muscles that form both a horizontal or vertical wrinkle. In whichever direction the frown lines are formed, we always perceive them as negative due to genetics.

The aim of Botox treatment is to prevent the formation of wrinkles and to reduce the existing frown lines by reducing the range of motion of the 3 muscles.

Would you like to have your frown lines injected?

First, Dr. Bartsch will assess whether the wrinkle is static or dynamic and analyze the degree of expression (grade 0-4). For wrinkles caused by dynamics, the cause must be treated. Botulinum toxin leads to a calming of the muscles, this calming leads to less movement and thus to fewer wrinkles. First, the muscle should always be calmed by means of Botox, only then can it be evaluated whether hyaluronic acid can also be injected to fill an existing deep wrinkle.

Grade classification of the frown line

There are different injection points, which are adapted to the individual expression of the musculature. After a treatment with botulinum toxin, slightly reddened injection points and a small elevation due to the injected liquid are seen for a short time, which disappear after 30 minutes. The treatment of frown lines is performed on an outpatient basis and takes only a few minutes.


The “”t is not immediately visible, unlike fillers. The effect starts about 2-5 days after the treatment and lasts between 3 and 6 months – depending on the region, the amount of Botox used, the individual strength of the muscles and especially the expectations each person has. The curve shown shows why some people feel that the effect is diminishing after 2 months. After 2 months the effect is about 80% and therefore the area is no longer completely blocked.

We recommend to repeat the treatment in intervals of 3-6 months according to personal needs.

What are the risks of an injection in the frown line?

If Botox is injected too much or too deep, it can cause a drooping eyelid or make the face look too petrified. Such undesirable reactions caused by botulinum toxin treatment disappear on their own after a few weeks or months.

Facts about botulinum toxin:

Excessive dilution can result in a lower dose and thus less effect. The duration of effect is often reduced as a result.
Technique is important. Botulinum toxin can only work on the muscle. If half of it has landed in the fatty tissue, the effect cannot last long.
An effect for more than 4-5 months is not realistic – caution is advised with products containing complex proteins, as the effect can diminish with repeated use – we use the pure, active ingredient Bocouture® from Merz.

Lower eyelid lift

Would you like to have an awake, radiant look again – no tired, swollen lower eyelids or “thick” bags under the eyes?


Many patients suffer from swelling with or without significant excess skin on the lower eyelids. In some cases, such as pure wrinkling of the lower eyelid or a tired expression due to the tear trough, other treatments such as laser, autologous fat or filler can be an alternative. Even small surgical and non-invasive procedures can have a big effect: an awakened, younger facial expression provides more freshness, friendliness and attractiveness.

What happens before the operation

In a comprehensive consultation, the medical options will be explained to you. Risks, the course of treatment and the healing process are discussed in detail.

What happens during lower eyelid lifting

A great advantage of this procedure is the outpatient surgery in our surgery under twilight sleep. Our anaesthetists will advise you in advance on all questions regarding the anaesthetic. In lower eyelid surgery, the incision is usually made in the area of the mucous membrane (transconjunctival). In this case, only the excess fat is removed. If a skin resection is also performed, the incision is made just below the lash line. Redistribution of the fatty tissue can help to improve dark circles under the eyes. If the lower edge of the eyelid is very soft, the outer corner of the eye can be lifted and the edge of the eyelid tightened.

After the operation / Aftercare

You will be discharged shortly after the operation and can go home with a companion. We will give you the appropriate pain medication to counteract any pain. You will be able to socialise again after approx. 10-14 days, until then there may be slight swelling and bruising. In principle, you will be able to work the next day. The small strips of plaster will be changed by us on the 2nd-3rd day after the operation at a check-up appointment and the wound will be checked. In the case of lower eyelids, there are usually no stitches to be removed. Physical exertion should be avoided for about a week.

Dr. Rolf Bartsch and his team are always available for you. Further check-up appointments are important to optimally support the healing process and are planned with you before the operation. These are always included in the surgery price, there are no additional costs.

Vorher Nachher Bilder

POTENZA™ – Skin rejuvenation

MEDICAL NEEDLING+RADIOFREQUENCY POTENZA™ – the new dimension in skin rejuvenation.

Do you want beautiful, firm skin without surgery?

The latest high-tech device applies radio frequency energy directly into the skin using ultra-fine microneedles. This promotes the formation of new collagen and elastic fibres. Sagging skin is noticeably tightened, wrinkles, scars and acne are visibly reduced.

Highest level technology for personalised treatments

Tiger Tip™ technology treats more tissue at different depths
4 attachments for surface and deep treatments
9 needle sizes for different skin conditions
Fusion Tip improves topical tissue penetration



Radiofrequency + Microneedling

Wrinkle reduction, pore refinement, skin rejuvenation, scar correction.

Fusion Tip

– For the first time in Austria
World first in the field of skin rejuvenation
– The first and only attachment for improved tissue penetration
Deeper penetration of valuable preparations into the dermis
– For different skin types
– For a smooth, fresh, radiant skin appearance

Tiger Tip

POTENZA™ is the world’s first radiofrequency microneedling system that combines monopolar and bipolar RF at 1- or 2-MHz frequencies in a single device. It treats more tissue in different layers of the skin and provides a more youthful appearance, fewer wrinkles and firmer skin quickly and efficiently. The new system offers a wide range of treatments for a variety of skin issues.

THE AREAS OF APPLICATION in face, neck & décolleté:

– Wrinkles in the face + eye area
– Wrinkles around the mouth – smoker’s linesWrinkles on the décolleté
– Coarse pores
– Scars
– Acne scars

The skin is plumper, rosier and fresher immediately after the treatment. First results are visible immediately, the final result of the treatment is available after 3 months.

Skin rejuvenation: A clear effect is already visible after 1 treatment. We recommend repeating 2-3 treatments at intervals of 4-5 weeks. A refresher treatment can take place 1x per year depending on the goal.

Acne scars: We recommend 3 treatments at intervals of 4 weeks.
Treatment is not possible in case of active herpes infection with redness and swelling.

Potenza™ – die neue Dimension der Hautverjüngung


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