Reconstructive surgery

High-quality plastic surgery for people who suffer from malformations, physical changes or pain that can also cause emotional distress.

An asymmetrical breast or strongly hanging eyelids, badly healed scars or eye-catching scars after piercing holes – or numerous other physical ailments among which many people unnecessarily suffer from, Dr. Katrin Bartsch – general practitioner – and Dr. med. Rolf Bartsch – specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery – can be treated professionally.

Our goal is to help our patients in need of surgical restorative intervention to achieve noticeably better body awareness and function as efficiently and safely as possible.

Asymmetric body shapes, which are often associated with a limitation, can be resolved by plastic-surgic reconstruction. We treat each patient individually and tailor the treatment methods to their personal needs.

We would like to clarify your options in a non-binding consultation. Simply arrange an individual appointment.