Fresh Complexion – How to optimally care for your skin and moisturize it

From attractiveness research it is known that humans have a sense of perception for beautiful skin. A radiant, rosy and fresh complexion stands for youthfulness and health. No wonder, then, that the term “Glow” has become one of the most common terms in the beauty industry. But how does one conjure a lasting glow on the skin? In the following article we have put together a few tips on how to make your skin look full and radiant again after the winter months, or how to maintain this skin condition through regular use and care.

Why moisture is so important to our skin

Since our body consists of about 60 – 70% water and also needs it to survive, our skin needs water. If enough water is stored in our skin, it looks plump and healthy. However, a low water balance makes it look shriveled. Thirsty skin loses its firmness, much like an old apple that slowly dries up. Moisture is therefore the alpha and omega of skin care.

Hyaluronic Acid

If experts are asked which ingredient is particularly important for the supply of moisture to the skin, the term hyaluronic acid falls in the first place. Hyaluronic acid is a natural, body-own substance, which has the property to bind water in the skin and supply it subsequently with more humidity. Since hyaluronic acid is completely absorbed by the body, the result, a tighter skin, is relatively quickly visible. In addition, the metabolism is stimulated and the blood circulation promoted, which in turn helps to a rosy complexion and the desired “glow effect” is achieved. However, hyaluronic acid is not only found in skin care products, it also has the ability to inject directly into the skin.


Profhilo® is one of the world’s most highly concentrated hyaluronic products, remaining in the tissue thirty times longer than noncrosslinked hyaluronic acid. The anti-aging treatment provides an immediate, regenerative dual action for our tired, dehydrated and sagging skin. With thin, fine needles, the highly concentrated hyaluronic acid is injected at five points on the face – this is distributed in the tissue and the entire facial skin benefits from the moisture-binding effect. In addition, Profhilo® stimulates the body’s own hyaluronic acid production and supports elastin and collagen formation. The treatment provides a fresh kick for our skin in a short time and floods it with intense moisture. There are visible immediate results with no downtime and side effects.

Fresh glow instead of pale gray

Finally, the long winter months are over and spring is coming. Our skin now requires moisture, oxygen and sunlight. In principle, the skin cells renew every 28 days. In the winter or in the course of life, however, the skin becomes sluggish and the cells renew themselves more slowly. As a result, dead cells accumulate in the uppermost skin layer, which allows the skin to reflect less light. The skin surface is getting thicker and the skin looks dull and gray. In order to maintain the natural cell renewal of a young skin, we offer special treatments in our office. They not only remove the dead skin cells, but also ensure that the following care products can be better absorbed by the skin.

Hydra Facial®

Hydra Facial® combines cleansing and peeling, cell renewal and care in one treatment. It is this combination that completely revitalises and refreshes our skin. The anti-aging revolution originated in Los Angeles and enjoys great popularity, not only among the celebrities. The internationally recognized method with the patented Vortex® technology is suitable for all skin types, even for problem skin (for example, dry and sensitive skin, acne, pigmentation disorders, etc.), thanks to the versatility of the Hydra Facial® system. The results are immediately visible, the skin gets a magical glow after only one application and in the long run it looks healthier, cleaner and plumper, which is mainly due to the intensive deep cleansing and moisturizing of the cells.


Perk® is perfect to integrate into the stressful daily routine, as treatment only takes about 10 minutes. The pores are cleaned using the patented Roller-Flex technology and freed from dust, exhaust gases, dirt and cosmetic residues. Afterwards the selected treatment will be applied, the skin will be invigorated and refreshed. Specially designed active ingredients, such as antioxidants and vitamin C, are applied. Vitamin C refines the appearance of the skin, stimulates collagen formation and increases its elasticity. Antioxidants such as vitamins C, A and E and coenzyme Q10 neutralize free radicals and build up a protective depot. The result is a fresh, radiant complexion. Another plus: the care products not used in the treatment can then be taken home for daily care, which prolongs the treatment effect.

Which of the above applications is most suitable for you, we like to find out in a joint consultation with you!

Regularity is important

But even during the other seasons, it is of particular importance to regularly exfoliate the skin. Because – as with almost everything in life – care for the skin also depends on routine, regularity and discipline. To increase the luminosity of your skin or to achieve a permanently improved skin appearance, it is therefore essential to perform a peeling at regular intervals. In addition, the skin should be supplied daily with hyaluronic acid in the form of serums and creams. In our practice, we therefore rely on the high-quality and natural products of the company AND. So you can continue your skincare routine at home. We are happy to advise you in detail!

Additional influencing factors

Unhealthy diet, long working days and stress on our skin are not without a trace. It takes longer to regenerate and becomes more vulnerable. Therefore, look for a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, plenty of water, stress-free phases and exercise in the fresh air. Last but not least, we urge you not to forget the sunscreen!