Freeze fat away – does it really work?

“Ich habe mir mein Fett wegfrieren lassen” klingt eigentlich zu schön um wahr zu sein, oder? Tatsächlich gibt es eine Möglichkeit, lästige Fettpölsterchen durch Einfrieren los zu werden!

Testimonial Upper eyelid lift

Uns ist wichtig, die Erfahrungen unserer Patienten zu teilen. Vorher/nachher Ergebnisse zu zeigen und persönliche Empfindungen während und nach der OP offen und ehrlich zu kommunizieren. Daher haben wir eine Patientin gebeten uns ihre Erfahrungen mitzuteilen.

Testimonial Breast Augmentation

Was passiert am Tag der Brust-OP im Spital genau? Habe ich Schmerzen und wie sehen meine Brüste aus? Oft sind es ähnliche Fragen, die unsere PatientInnen beschäftigt.

4D-Concept of Aging

Natürlichkeit, aber trotzdem frischer und besser aussehen. Wir behandeln immer nach den 4 Dimensionen des Alterns. Doch was bedeutet das 4D-Konzept genau?

Intimate aesthetics – what is that?

In recent years, a trend in plastic surgery has emerged more and more precisely: intimate surgery. Surgery to improve vaginal aesthetics is becoming more and more popular. But what does vaginal aesthetics actually mean and how can sexual organs be aesthetic or unaesthetic? We have put together the key facts for you.

Why intimate surgery?

Very few patients know how our sexual organs can develop in the course of life. There are many cases in which our most intimate organ develops differently than it should and so, in addition to small imperfections, can also lead to a restriction in everyday life. Particularly in natural activities such as sport, sex or urinating, minor manifestations can quickly become a burden.

“We want to show you that it is natural to grapple with this problem and that there are safe ways to remedy these manifestations.”

What are the differences anyway?

The labia.

Most of the patients who come to us with the request for a surgical procedure in the genital area have labia minora of different sizes or that are too pronounced. This is often the result of menopause, childbirth, severe weight loss or genetic predisposition. For example, the inner or outer labia may be too small or too large and thus interfere with movements.

Venus hill

Furthermore, it can happen that the pubic mound develops more strongly over time. This makes it visible under tighter clothing and creates a feeling of shame in the patient.

How can this be treated?

Intimate surgery.

One method to completely restore the symmetry of the sex organ and adjust the labia is surgical intervention. Such interventions usually take place under local anesthesia with twilight sleep, so that the patients neither feel pain nor notice anything from the operation. Since, for example, the labia minora that are too large often enter during exercise, they can be surgically reduced. Large labia that are too small can, for example, mean that the whole system no longer closes properly and that vaginal dryness occurs. This can also be corrected surgically, here the labia minora are enlarged with autologous fat. A mound that is too large can, for example, lead to skin problems or inflammation in the skin area – in this case it can be surgically suctioned off.

Radio frequency.

Another popular way to align the labia is radiofrequency treatment. This method has been used for several years to reduce excess tissue and tighten the skin. This works due to deep heat that penetrates the bottom layer of the skin and thus activates the collagen fibers. In addition to the application on the labia, the radio frequency can also help the pelvic floor and the vaginal entrance to regain firmness.


As with the lips, hyaluronic acid can help to remove small bumps in the labia and to renew the volume of too small expressions. Slack tissue can be stabilized again and the inner and outer labia can be optimally adjusted.

Which method is right for me?

A restriction in everyday activities usually leaves its mark not only physically but also mentally. That is why it is important to talk to an expert about your wishes. Our doctors will be happy to advise you in a personal conversation about the possibilities and work out your individual treatment concept together with you


Botox & Filler Myths

Viele Patienten kommen mit Geschichten und Mythen zu Botox & Hyaluronsäure zu uns, die unsere Experten zum Schmunzeln bringen. Aber welche Mythen sind wahr und welche frei erfunden? Wir haben für Euch mal die wichtigsten Mythen zusammengefasst.