WE love the 3D scan

Before any breast surgery, be it breast reduction, breast augmentation or breast augmentation with implant, the question is about the appropriate implant size. It’s not about the right or wrong – but the right one. The individual feeling of every woman, coupled with the “medically feasible” and a harmonious proportion make the right implant.

The question of all questions: how many milliliters of silicone will look on my bosom? Are 300ml a B or a C-cup?

To see your ideal breast in advance – we can now fulfill this wish for our patients. The 3D scan makes it easier for a plastic surgeon to show the patients what is possible and what is not possible – what cup size will look like and how the remaining proportion to the body will behave.

What exactly is a 3D-Scan?

Options without a 3D-Scan:

  • Before / after pictures
  • Trial implants of various sizes
  • Personal advice / assessment of the surgeon

Until a few years ago, like all Plastic Surgeons, I worked with before / after pictures that documented my work and showed the patients different results. But since every breast and every woman is different, you can not take the results as a whole. The end result can please the patient, but you can never be sure about the result on your own breast. I can also give the patient different sized silicone implants for testing. There you can see in front of the mirror which size would suit you best. And my personal assessment of a thousand surgeries in thoracic surgery are very valuable, but they do not show you a visual picture of your desired breasts.

  • So it was time for medicine and technology to come up with something. And they have. The 3D simulation documents how your chest might look like and gives you a safe feeling in advance.

My new colleague.

In my ordination, we work together every day. He is a perfectionist, very accurate and never ill. This state-of-the-art 3D scan scans your own breast with an infrared camera and the computer simulates what the end result will look like. The own breast is taken as the basis for the calculations – the size of the implants can be varied. The patient I can decide together how many milliliters of silicone – which cup size – suits her best. The 3D scan can take static and moving pictures. The simulation can be turned in all directions and one can estimate exactly what the desired breast could look like. Whether from the side, the front or from above – from every angle we get a good visual idea, whether the chest will suit you or not. And you can take the photo home with you, take your time to look at.

How realistic is the simulation?

The pictures show on the left side the chest as it looks before the operation. The image in the middle, how the chest was simulated theoretically and on the right as the chest then actually looked.

We were even surprised how realistic the simulation technique using modern infrared camera technology is. Realistic simulations so you can get a picture of your own newly formed breast.