key facts


Highly focused ultrasound


60-90 Minutes


(SCALE 1-10)




after 3-6 months


The costs vary depending on the treatment region and combination and start from €250.-

Tear sac per treatment from €250.-

Lower face / upper throat  €1.490.-

Throat €990.-

Cleavage €890.-

Hanging cheeks €1.390.-

Double chin €990.-

Initial consultation for new patients: 70 €


Advance bank transfer, cash or bank transfer payment possible. Credit card only in selected cases.





You want a tight skin without surgery.

As we grow older, our skin changes. The elasticity and firmness of the tissue diminishes, our skin loses volume, the tissue slips down, wrinkling is the result. This natural process is intensified in the face by external factors such as sun exposure and smoking or on the body by pregnancies or strong weight fluctuations. Ultherapy® reduces wrinkles, tightens the contours of the face and body, and ensures that collagen and elastic fibers regrow in the connective tissue.

Ultherapy® starts right in the deeper layers of the skin, right where wrinkles come from. The innovative technology stands out among other methods in that microfocused ultrasound has an effect on the collagen synthesis in deeper layers of the skin and gently ensures firmer skin.

Our service in pictures

Solution in steps

Initial Consultation

You can reach us for an appointment for an initial consultation in various ways:

You are welcome to contact us by phone: 01 353 55 55 or use our contact form. Please note that the next online appointment is not necessarily the next free appointment, please call us if there is no suitable online appointment available.

This is what Ultherapy® can do

Ultherapy® is the only ultrasonic non-invasive lifting procedure that stimulates collagen and elastin regeneration down to the deep layers of the skin, restoring natural resilience and elasticity. The special feature of Ultherapy® to all other “HIFU or ultrasound devices” is:

Patented technique of visualization by means of ULTRASOUND

We see with the treatment head at the same time over a screen which zone we treat. If you only give off the energy of the focused ultrasound, it hardly comes to an effect. It is important to know and to define exactly where to treat.

Ultherapy® is an alternative for all patients who do not want to undergo a surgical face-lift, but who want a lifting effect and have little skin excess.

Above all, it is especially popular with patients over the age of 30, as it is possible to strengthen the tissue with fewer treatment lines and thus slow down the aging process, as each treatment builds up its own collagen.

It is also suitable for patients who want to tighten their body regions abdomen, legs, buttocks and thighs or the décolleté. Radiesse® treatment, often chosen in combination, is a dermal filler that achieves a triple effect: wrinkle correction, gentle lifting and long-term skin tightening. We also use Ultherapy® in cellulite treatment to achieve a natural, beautiful and smooth result on the buttocks and thighs.

Younger – firmer – more beautiful

Safe – efficient – precise

Ultherapy® at a glance

  • No surgical intervention
  • Over 50 clinical studies
  • FDA approved
  • More than 1.5 million treatments worldwide
  • Painless
    Precise localization of the treatment in deeper skin layers through the
    patented Deep-SEE procedure
  • An expert panel of doctors named Ultherapy as the gold standard for non-surgical skin tightening

This happens before an Ultherapy® treatment.

Together with Dr. Katrin Bartsch or Dr. Rolf Bartsch you will discuss the medical options together in detail. Risks, the treatment process and the healing process are explained in detail.

This happens with an Ultherapy® treatment.

With targeted temperature in the depth we achieve precision. Unlike laser devices and radiofrequency devices that deliver heat from the outside in, Ultherapy® works from the inside out to tighten and lift the skin. We reach the deeper layers without affecting the skin surface. High-focussed ultrasound is used to define the tissue layers on a screen and trigger targeted pulses of up to 65 degrees Celsius. Loose collagen fibers contract again, the new production of elastin and collagen in the connective tissue cells is stimulated. The device acts from 1.5 millimeters, 3 millimeters to 4.5 millimeters in depth, the skin surface remains completely intact. The results are visible over a period of several months – you have to give the collagen regeneration also time – result is a younger appearance with more contour. Since the final result develops in small steps, it is not visible to outsiders that a treatment has taken place – unlike a lift. The effect is very natural.

The procedure and the aftercare.

An Ultherapy® treatment takes place in our office. The pain perception of people is generally very different. The ultra-fine needle-pricks and mini-throws triggered by the ultrasound trigger a tingling sensation on the skin, these unfamiliar impulses irritate the nerves. For most patients, it is sufficient to use an anesthetic cream. Very sensitive patients can also take a painkiller, if desired, a local anesthetic can be done with a syringe. Compared to a surgical procedure, Ultherapy® is considered very safe. As side effects, the ultrasound treatment can cause slight swelling and pain that may last a few days after treatment. Rarely, bruising or a feeling of numbness occurs, which also subsides after a short time.

Our team and we doctors are always available for you should you have any questions. In case of emergency you can always reach us on our mobile number.

Dr. Rolf Bartsch: +43 69911222000

Further follow-up appointments in our surgery are important to accompany the healing process optimally and are agreed with you before the procedure.

Before & After Pictures


With Ultherapy®, we have found a treatment that fits perfectly in our portfolio and meets the needs of our patients. Because the trend is towards non-invasive treatments, with no downtime.

My motivation was to look a little younger and fresher again, I do not feel like 49 and I do not want to look like 49. I want to feel good again when I look in the mirror. I would never get surgery, Ultherapy was the right decision for me.

Why Dr. Bartsch?

We always say: “the gut feeling must be right”. Let your instinct guide you. But there are some hard facts that can help you make a decision:

  • Experience: Dr. Rolf Bartsch is considered a specialist in the field of body shaping. He has already performed more than 1000 liposuctions with the Vaser technology, works on the 4D concept and now also achieves nice results in Body Contouring with Cool Plasma / Renuvium.
  • Safety: through a professional team, anesthetic outpatient clinic and a specialized clinic
  • Availability: Dr. med. Rolf Bartsch can be reached 24 hours a day via messenger at +4369911222000.
  • Technique: After liposuction with helium plasma and radiofrequency, gently tighten the skin.


key facts


Hochfokussierter Ultraschall


60-90 Minuten


(SKALA 1-10)




nach 3-6 Monaten


Die Kosten variieren je nach behandelnder Region und Kombination und starten bei €890.-