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from 890 €

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Initial consultation for new patients: €50


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Dr. Rolf Bartsch theaesthetics

Facial Injection with Radiesse / Texas Face / Jawline Contouring

You want a tight and striking neck-chin contour?

The term “Texas Face” comes from the social media and was coined by bloggers as a term for a particular injection in the face. In English, the treatment is also called “Jawline Contouring”. Since the state of Texas in the United States has right angles to the demarcation, the comparison to our face, as the contour between the neck and the lower jaw is lost in old age, was close. Because exactly this sharp right angle in the lower jaw is lost over the years. The contour of our face becomes “softer” and is no longer clearly defined.

As we age, the shape and contour of our face change. The original “V” turns around and becomes an “A”, the contours blur and of “tight” and above all “sharp” and “defined” is no longer a question – the V-shape becomes an A-shape ,

To give our face a fresh, youthful appearance again, we work very successfully in this area with the Filler Radiesse. It consists of two components, a component that fills up immediately and a second component that builds up your own collagen.

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