We all know it: the phenomenon of lips which appear like an inflated boat and the related question – What have customer and physician got themself involved in?

It is a much-discussed treatment in the media, especially known by negative examples from the tabloids.

Can the desire for fuller and beautiful lips be fulfilled with a natural result?


With a lot of experience and sophisticated techniques you can achieve completely natural results. We work with resorbable (dissolving) substances, such as various hyaluronic acid.

Inspired by Leonardo DaVinici’s “Golden Ratio”, the proportions (1: 1.6) of the face are individually analyzed and measured from patient to patient. It is not only the lip in the foreground, but also the corners of the mouth, the position of the teeth and the jaw and the relationship to the whole face. It is literally a custom-made treatment.

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Lip injection

The treatment options

Based on these conditions, there are three treatment options to treat the lips.

Hyaluronic acid

The most common method of lip treatment is the use of hyaluronic acid. This is injected with the help of a cannula in the red of the lips.
Important is the anatomically correct layer – not in the lip white, since the lip otherwise gets “beak shape”, rather in the red of the lips, in order to achieve a beautiful and natural result.

The clear advantage of this product is the natural degradation after about 5-6 months, so age-related changes can be repeatedly adapted to the golden ratio and your personal taste. If the hyaluronic acid has disappeared from the body, they remain less noticeable, since collagen neogenesis occurs due to the mechanical component of the treatment. The concern that more wrinkles will occur as a result of this treatment is unfounded.

Treatment costs: From 290 €

Autologous fat

Another way to fill the lip is injection with autologous grease. The fat extracted from a part of the body is cleaned and then injected into the lip. Advantage: The treatment must be carried out only once.
Disadvantage: The result is permanent and adapts to weight fluctuations. Sounds very exciting in the first place, but it has to be discussed a lot because the advantage of hyaluronic acid, the face over and over again to adapt to the aging process is lost.

Treatment costs: around € 1,950

Silicone implants

The invasive method of silicone implants for lip augmentation could not prove itself. It involves many dangers, such as defensive reactions of the body or displacements of the implant. We distinguish ourselves from this method as far as possible, it is used only after accidents and malformations.


A new and long-lasting method is the Bullhorn Lift. In a surgical procedure, a thin strip of skin between the upper lip and the nose edge is removed and the ends are connected by a thin suture. This shortens the distance between the nose and the lip red. The effect: A fuller upper lip and a friendlier smile. This effect can last up to 10 years depending on the aging process.

Treatment costs: 2.300 €

Our application method

The golden ratio and first-class products in combination with an good eye for the subtleties are a recipe for success for naturally beautiful lips, which in addition to the sensual fullness give the mouth a final touch. This includes the smoothing of the lip wrinkles, the balance of asymmetries, the contouring of the red lipstick and the emphasis on the “cupid’s bow”.

Finally, if the patient has more pleasure in applying the lipstick without feeling changed, then our goal is achieved.

Our recommendation

Come by on a consultation without obligation to us. Together, we analyze your face and tell you which technique and solution is right for you. Rethink a treatment abroad, often inferior products are used, which guarantee a reasonable price but can lead to vascular occlusions and at worst, blindness.

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10-20 min.

(SCALE 1-10)


0-10 days


Immediate effect & after
3-10 days


from €390





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