Cryolipolysis 2.0

Many patients often tell us that they do not manage to get rid of the little flab at the buttocks, abdomen or legs despite good nutrition and regular exercise.

For many, an invasive procedure such as liposuction is out of the question.

With the cryolipolysis 2.0 CoolCrush, however, a gentle and safe alternative to reducing fat cells has now opened up – with no downtime.

A trend that is already celebrating its successes in the USA and has now reached us as well: Freezing off fat.

The cryolipolysis treatment

In 2009, the method of cryolipolysis was first demonstrated in scientific articles. Over 1 million treatments have been performed worldwide. Cryolipolysis sounds complicated, but actually means only “dissolution of the fatty tissue by cold”.

In the first step of the CoolCrush treatment, freezing the cells reduces fat and reduces the size. A natural process of the body is a great advantage in this process: fat cells are very sensitive to cold.

By hypothermia, the individual fat lipids crystallize. Its new pointed shape destroys its own cell membrane from the inside. Then the body initiates the natural healing process and the affected fat cells are gradually degraded over the following weeks and months. The released fat is then transported through metabolic processes out of the body, similar to the fat contained in the food.

The cryolipolysis unit we work with is CE certified and developed and manufactured in Europe. With over 250,000 treatments performed, numerous clinical trials and proven optimal cooling performance, it is one of the safest devices on the market and the only European device that will conquer the American market.

The second part of the CoolCrush treatment (cryolipolysis) involves the shock wave treatment, through which short focused pressure waves penetrate into the tissue of the fat cells and thus loosen the fat cells from their association. The cold can act better on the fat cells and the body can better transport the treated fat cells.

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Areas of application

CoolCrush is used to reduce the size of the abdomen, hips, back, thighs and upper arms. It is also possible to treat the double chin and thus define the chin line!

Before the treatment, the body area is measured and photographed for documentation. This is followed by a 70-minute cold treatment, during which you lie comfortably on the treatment couch. After the treatment attachement has been put on, a gentle vacuum is generated in the treatment area and discharged in a controlled manner in the cold. Finally, the shock wave treatment is carried out for 15 minutes to loosen up the tissue.

After that, you will immediately be able to socialize again and follow your usual routine. The skin itself may have redness and puffiness on affected areas, but these disappear within a few days.

During most sessions, two areas of skin can be treated at the same time. The treatment time is 1.5 hours.

In order to achieve the desired treatment result, 2 individual sessions should be carried out at intervals of 4 weeks.

Cost of cryolipolysis

The cryolipolysis costs start at 490, – € per areal.

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The result

Individually according to the metabolism and the physical condition of a patient, first results after 2 months after the last treatment can be expected.

As the treated fat cells disappear forever, the results are permanent. Even with a further gain in weight, the treated areas are affected, but the fat deposits are less and distribute more evenly over the entire body. Normally, in the case of a new weight gain, more extreme problem areas won’t appear.

Our recommendation

The treated skin areas should be protected from direct sunlight for about 10 days. If there are no bruises on the surface of the skin, there is nothing to stop you from sunbathing. With sports and a low-calorie diet you can support the breakdown of fatty tissue and thus the success of the treatment! EMS training or other electrical stimulation of the entire body should be completely paused at least 4 weeks before and 10 weeks after treatment!

Would you like to have more information about cryolipolysis treatment? We asked a patient to tell us about her cryolipolysis experience! More information at

key facts



90 min.

(SCALE 1-10)


0-1 day


after 2 months


from €490,-







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Wie läuft die CoolCrush Kryolipolyse Behandlung ab?

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Ergebnis einer Kryolipolyse Behandlung Wien
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