Why “theaesthetics”?

Testimonial of a longtime patient

The market of aesthetic medicine or the beauty industry is constantly growing and as a consumer it is often difficult to find your way around. What are the key criteria that I should consider? When do I know if the institute or doctor is really good? How can I know if the price is justified? Who guarantees that the products are really high quality? How can I minimize the risk of not liking myself after the treatment?

As the mother of a young son, a business administrator and in her mid 30s, I saw challenges that many women are familiar with: one wants to counteract the aging process, but not be recognized by other people, who think, “she had something done “.  And, as a mother, your own health is even more important, because you are now responsible not only for your own life, but also for your child. No mother wants to risk that something goes wrong in an operation so that she can no longer, or only to a limited extent, be there for her child. So what were my decisive criteria when choosing the institute? SAFETY! Both medically and aesthetically.

Safety – through top products

Since it does not matter which manufacturer makes the silicone implants, hyaluronic acid, Botox, etc., it was very important for me to choose an institute that only works with high quality products. For example, “theaesthetics” only use premium implants made in Europe that do not have an “expiration date” for breast augmentation. Injections with Botox, on the other hand, use the product “Xeomin”. The advantage of “Xeomin” is that this product contains the pure botulinum toxin and it therefore works very well and long. Caution is also advised by providers who simply use the wrong products for aesthetic treatments. For example, the use of bio-polymers for spraying lips. Even the devices in the surgery are the best and newest on the market.

What effects it can have if no high quality products are used, these videos illustrate:

Bio-Polymer Lipcorrection (german)

Review: Blogger Marie Curie (german)

Safety – through years of experience

Practice is well known to be the master, and that’s why it was clear to me from the beginning that I only let a “professional” to my body. This applies both to the training, as well as to the number of treatments carried out and regular training in the respective fields. In addition, it is essential that the correct technique is used for aesthetic procedures. Otherwise, it can bring fatal consequences.

What effects it can have when operating with the wrong technique, these videos illustrate:

Explanatio D-Cup (german)

Explanation: Closer breasts (german)

Safety – through the best care

An important buzzword in operations is “trust”. But to be trustful, humans need security. For this reason, it was very important to me that the breast surgery takes place in a renowned clinic with perfectly trained staff, that the anesthesia is carried out and supervised by an anesthesia team and that I can always get in touch with any questions after the operation. In addition, you feel in good hands after the operation through the regular control appointments in the office!

Safety – through aesthetic sensibility

Of course, first and foremost, the “hard” facts must be correct in order not to take any health risks. But the interventions that I have made or continue to make are aesthetic interventions. The bottom line is that I want to look more beautiful, and in a natural way. It is important to explore this fine line between “too much” and “too little” in order to achieve an optimal result. A result that makes you happy every day.


That high-quality products in their production are of course more expensive and thus reflected in the price offered, is obvious to me. So it is with the qualification and the care. Conclusion: “you get what you pay for!”. Just as I do not expect to get a Porsche for the price of a VW Golf, I can not wait to get a product of the highest quality and not pay a market-compliant price. To save in the health and a positive body feeling is in my opinion the wrong approach. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves. I have made this decision for myself a few years ago and have never regretted it!