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Upper arm lift

Over time, the natural aging process causes our skin to lose elasticity and tone. Heavy weight loss can also cause excess skin in numerous areas.


More and more patients are coming to us with the desire to reduce the circumferences of these regions. Especially during natural movements such as running, waving, or playing sports, this excess tissue can become a burden. Wearing ready-made clothing is also considered twice and can no longer really be enjoyed.

In an individual consultation, our doctors will check with you whether an invasive procedure might be right for you, or whether a treatment with the Coolcrush will also achieve a desired result.


Everyone knows the term “waving arm”. Any lifting of the arms becomes a burden and short sleeves on T-shirts or shirts are a no-no. Upper arm lift can remove excess tissue and tighten the skin.

The upper arm lift procedure

The upper arm lift is an invasive procedure and is therefore performed either in twilight sleep or under general anesthesia. After a circular suction for volume reduction, an incision is made which runs along the inside of the arms from the armpit to the elbow. Because of this, a visible scar usually remains on the inside of the arm after the operation. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider beforehand whether an upper arm lift is the only solution for you. Subsequently, the surrounding skin areas are loosened and removed. As a result, the upper arms become both thinner and firmer.

VASER technology

Another method of reducing the circumference of the arms is offered by VASER technology. Thanks to this body contouring method, it is possible to shrink the tissues without putting more stress on the connective tissues or causing a larger scar.

More information about VASER technology
The result

After the surgery you should stay in the clinic for 12-24 hours for control. After about 1 week, you can return to your usual activities.

Solution in steps

You are also welcome to contact us by phone at: 01 353 55 55 or use our contact form. Please note that the next available online date may not necessarily be the next available date. Please feel free to call us if no suitable online appointment is available.

Why Dr. Bartsch?

We always say: “the gut feeling must be right”. Let your instincts be your guide. But there are also a few hard facts that can make a possible decision easier for you:

  • Experience: Dr. Rolf Bartsch is considered a specialist in the field of body shaping. He has already performed over 1000 procedures.
  • Safety: thanks to a professional team, anesthesia outpatient clinic and a specialized clinic
  • Accessibility: Dr. Rolf Bartsch can be reached 24 hours a day by messenger at +4369911222000.