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Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is the ideal combination of various treatments that can make the traces of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding disappear. The term Mommy Makeover refers to the trend, originating in the USA, of achieving a beautiful after baby body with the help of surgical procedures. For women who do not want to simply accept the possible physical consequences of motherhood, a Mommy Makeover can help achieve a well-defined body with aesthetic proportions. It’s understandable that after one or more births, women long for their pre-baby body back. Not only do they want to be a mother, but they still want to be perceived as an attractive and confident woman.

Before and After Pictures

Liposuction thigh
Knee & Thigh Tone
Pigment spot laser
Remove pigmentation disorder with Cryo-Pen
Cellfina against cellulite
Cellfina against cellulite

The term “mommy makeover” refers to the trend coming from the USA to achieve a beautiful after baby body with the help of surgical procedures. First of all, it should be noted here that the changes in a woman’s body during and after pregnancy are a natural process that no woman can avoid. Pregnancy leaves its traces. Often, even postnatal gymnastics and diets do not help. For women who do not want to simply accept the unsightly consequences of motherhood, a Mommy Makeover can help to achieve a well-defined body with aesthetic proportions. A Mommy Makeover consists of several individual procedures, which may be combined. Of course, only one procedure can be performed. These procedures have been known in plastic surgery for a long time. The only new term is the one that refers to the procedures performed after pregnancy. Which procedures make sense for the patient, and whether they can possibly be performed in combination, is discussed individually during a personal consultation appointment and tailored to the patient.

Common surgical and cosmetic procedures performed in our practice after pregnancy include:

  • Face: laser (pigment spots), anti-aging (botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid)
  • Neck: Ultherapy (firmer skin)
  • Décolleté: Ultherapy (firmer skin, wrinkles), laser
  • Upper arms: liposuction
  • Breast: breast augmentation, breast lift, nipple reduction, areola reduction
  • Abdomen: tummy tuck, CoolCrush, scar correction (eg. Vagina: labia correction Buttocks: liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, CoolCrush, Cellfina
  • Thighs: liposuction, CoolCrush, Cellfina, laser (spider veins)

You alone decide which procedures you would like to have. Of course, it can be only one procedure. It is important to discuss your individual ideas in detail during a personal consultation.


Since each Mommy Makeover consists of an individual combination of treatments, it is not possible to give a blanket answer here. Depending on the procedures you have chosen, they may or may not take place under general anesthesia. The inpatient stay, if necessary, also depends on the particular procedure. You can find more information about the procedures of the individual interventions under the respective services on our homepage or during a detailed consultation.


Dr. Rolf Bartsch

One or more pregnancies are a great challenge for the female body. For us, it is understandable that after having children, women long for their pre-baby body back. They do not only want to be a mother, but still be perceived as a self-confident and attractive woman.

Solution in steps

You are also welcome to contact us by phone at: 01 353 55 55 or use our contact form. Please note that the next available online date may not necessarily be the next available date. Please feel free to call us if no suitable online appointment is available.

Mommy makeover Q&A
  • Since the female body is still changing after breastfeeding, it is advisable not to perform surgical procedures until six to twelve months after weaning. This applies in particular to breast surgery, as only then will the mammary glands have fully regenerated and the shape of the breast can be assessed.

  • You should have reached your desired weight and maintained it for six months. A few kilos up or down do not really matter, but it should be less than 5 kg that you still want to lose.

  • At best, your family planning has already been completed, as another pregnancy will affect the result.

  • The requirements for the surgery in question must be met and you should feel physically and mentally able to undergo the procedure.

  • You should make it clear in advance that you have family or friends who will support you and your children after the procedure.


Since the female body is still changing after breastfeeding, it is advisable not to perform surgical procedures until six to twelve months after weaning.

Not necessarily. If pregnancy is planned 1-2 years after a possible procedure, we usually advise not to have a procedure until the desire to have a child has been completed. Many patients are dissatisfied with the shape, size or symmetry of their breasts or the proportions of their body, do not yet know exactly if and when they would like to become pregnant. In this case, a consultation is definitely advisable in order to individually design a tailor-made concept.

No, every Mommy Makeover is individual. In a detailed consultation, I will inform you about our treatment options and any possible combinations of the various procedures. To this end, I have many years of experience and the means to make the operations and the course of treatment as gentle, efficient and safe as possible for you. You will receive from me a treatment plan tailored to you and your wishes and all the necessary information you need to decide for yourself which treatments you would like to undergo.

A Mommy Makeover consists of either a combination of various individual operations or just one treatment. The price therefore depends on the effort and is individually different. For individual prices, please refer to the various treatment methods or it is recommended to clarify the treatment options in a detailed and non-binding consultation – in the course of which I will be happy to answer any questions regarding the costs.

The further steps after the operation also depend on your individual treatment combination. If this includes breast surgery, for example, a sports bra must be worn for six weeks following the operation. After an abdominoplasty, on the other hand, you will be given an abdominal belt. Both the sports bra and the abdominal belt will be specially fitted to you and are necessary to achieve an optimal result. After discharge, you will come to our office for regular follow-up appointments in order to optimally support the healing process. As already mentioned, each procedure entails different aftercare, these are described in detail on our website or I will be happy to clarify any questions with you in advance during a consultation.

From when you can return to full work depends very much on the work and the procedure performed. In many cases, you can perform simple sedentary activities again two to three days after the operation, but you should refrain from physical work and sports for about three to six weeks. In any case, it is important to listen to your own body and its pain threshold.

The time from which you may resume sports depends on the procedures performed. As a rule, you should refrain from sports for about three to six weeks.

We offer you the all-round security service. Safety through my many years of experience! I have already performed over a thousand operations. Security through the Privatklinik Währing. A renowned clinic with perfectly trained staff. And security through my 24 h availability. We discuss all open questions in advance and I inform you about possible risks.

Here, the answer from us is a clear No. As soon as pregnancy is suspected, none of the above-mentioned agents may be used. The reason for this is that botulinum toxin is a drug and hyaluronic acid is a medical device, both of which have not been tested on pregnant women and therefore must not be used. Neither of the two treatments may be used during breastfeeding. If you still want to have a treatment, you have to stop breastfeeding beforehand. It is a matter of concern that there are doctors who nevertheless perform these treatments during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, we strictly advise against it, because this special time belongs to the mother and the child and no risk should be taken. If you still want to do something good for yourself and your skin, we refer you to non-invasive treatment methods, which are also offered in our office.

Non-invasive treatments are becoming more and more popular and we also recommend having them performed regularly. They are ideal for those who want to do something good for their skin and counteract the natural aging process, but do not want or are not allowed to undergo surgery, hyaluronic acid or Botox treatment. Theaesthetics offers, for example, the Hydra Facial or the PERK treatment. These are skin renewal treatments combined with exfoliation and infusion of specific serums that improve the health, texture and appearance of the skin in the long term. Thus, the skin is optimally cleansed and provided with freshness and hydration. The result is skin that looks even, fresh and vital.

Especially in the first months after the birth of the child, the lack of sleep and the physical stress leave traces on the mother’s facial features. In addition, there is often little time to take care of yourself. The signs of fatigue and aging can be “conjured” from the face immediately after weaning, with the right combination of botulinum toxin and filler, within a few minutes. We will be very happy to help you achieve a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

Pigment spots can be treated very well by laser in our clinic. We use the new Ellipse Nordlys™ laser for this purpose. It stands for excellent effectiveness, high treatment safety and high patient comfort.

First of all, it is important to say that you should have weaned before having the treatments listed. With the right combination of treatments, very good and long-lasting results can be achieved. Hyaluronic acid produces increased water absorption in the tissues and is therefore suitable for short-term treatment of neck wrinkles. To achieve long-lasting results, but also to delay the formation of wrinkles, we recommend a combination of Radiesse® – a collagen booster and Ultherapy® – a highly focused ultrasound.

Small skin imperfections can be removed very well with the help of our laser.

There are several ways to remove hemangiomas. The most commonly used method is laser. In our office we remove senile hemangiomas using ND:YAG laser. Here, a beam of light destroys the blood vessels and specifically treats the red pigment. Afterwards, the sun or solarium should be avoided, as pigment disorders may occur. Depending on the size of the hemangioma, a fine scar may remain, but this is rather rare. In general, the treatment is considered low-risk and low-pain, with no downtime.

Worldwide, up to 80% of all women are affected by cellulite during their lifetime. Due to our genes, blood circulation, or the structuring of our skin and connective tissue, cellulite occurs more and more frequently with the aging process. With the Cellfina® technique, the previously marked treatment areas are locally anesthetized, suctioned by a special attachment, and in the next step treated with a fine microblade. In the process, the connective tissue fibers between the skin and the deeper tissue are cut, thus smoothing the skin. Cellulite on the buttocks and thighs can thus be reduced effectively and, above all, permanently. The dimples therefore disappear permanently, as the fibers cannot reconnect as a result of the Cellfina® procedure. A Cellfina treatment has to be performed only once. The application lasts 45 to 90 minutes and involves hardly any downtime.

Due to permanently increased pressure in the finer veins, the original elasticity decreases, the veins dilate and become visible as red-bluish tortuous vascular structures, thus impairing the appearance of the skin. Spider veins are considered medically harmless, but represent a cosmetic problem. Due to hormonal influences, pregnancy or a weak connective tissue, women are affected more often than men. With the development of gentle and safe laser technology, it is also possible to treat spider veins, as the laser can close the affected small veins with millimeter precision. In this process, the vessel walls are glued together and then broken down by the body. The risk of scarring is eliminated with this technology. Neither bandages nor support stockings are necessary and there is no downtime.

A cesarean section scar can be treated very well by laser in our office. Since not every scar is the same as another, we tailor your scar therapy. The basic prerequisite for the treatment and an optimal treatment result is a non-tanned skin. The use of a self-tanner is also not recommended before the treatment. An anesthetic cream is applied 10 minutes before the treatment. During the treatment, there may be a slight burning and heat sensation, which is reduced to a minimum by cooling and applying an anesthetic cream. After the treatment, there may be slight redness, swelling and a slight flaking of the skin, which will quickly subside. After four to six weeks, the results are clearly visible. We recommend three to five sessions, each 6 weeks apart.

Mommy makeover Body shaping

Despite regular “after baby workouts” and a disciplined diet, it is still not possible for many women to get rid of their baby pounds in everyday life. Especially the definition of muscles is difficult in the long run under an accumulation of fat. One of the most frequently performed procedures in plastic surgery is liposuction. Many women take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of those fat cells that already bothered them before pregnancy and are therefore slimmer after pregnancy than before. The VASER®-Lipo technology has been successfully used in plastic surgery for several years. In VASER® liposuction, the fatty tissue is gently released from the surrounding area by ultrasound energy. The special feature of this technique: despite the reduction of fat cells, the connective tissue is spared and additional skin shrinkage is produced. Our tip: To achieve an even more beautiful tightening effect, Cool Plasma – Renuvion® can be used following liposuction. I would be very happy to advise you in a personal consultation whether an invasive procedure could be right for you, or whether a treatment with the Coolcrush® would also achieve the desired result.

If you have some fat deposits that do not want to move away despite exercise and a low-calorie diet, but you do not want to undergo liposuction, Coolcrush® can be a suitable alternative. In an individual consultation, I will check with you whether this method can achieve the desired result.

The Brazilian Butt surgical technique was invented and developed in Brazil – the country said to have the most beautiful buttocks. In America and Europe, this method has now been further perfected. The patient’s own fat is injected into the buttocks, changing and adjusting the contours. The buttocks appear smaller and more buxom, the contours more harmonious. The aim is to emphasize a beautiful waist and harmonize the outer thighs. This makes the leg look longer and the buttocks more compact. The liposuctioned fat can now be inserted in the zones that show a volume deficit. After the operation, we recommend wearing a compression girdle for about six weeks. The stitches, which are only at the injection sites, are not removed after. Simple, sedentary activities are possible again after only three days. Physical work should be resumed after two weeks at the earliest. Six weeks later, you can resume unrestricted sports. The cost of the surgery depends on the extent of the procedure. The number of regions where fat has to be removed by suction and the total duration of the procedure are decisive factors.

Many mothers seek us out after births or pregnancies, wishing to get back your feminine, more defined silhouette. Despite a good diet and regular exercise, it is impossible to get rid of the excess tissue. During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles have widened and gaps may have appeared between the abdominal wall muscles. Therefore, many patients come to us with the desire to have the abdominal wall tightened through surgery and reduce the circumference. By performing an abdominoplasty, the silhouette can be aligned and the center of the body can be restored to harmony. The abdominal muscles are restored to their original shape and the abdominal wall is firmed. With an incision in the lower abdomen and, if necessary, in the navel region, all the tissue can be mobilized and removed. The skin and muscles can be gently tightened and the silhouette reshaped. Immediately after the operation, an abdominal belt is fitted to ensure optimal results. This should usually be worn for six weeks. Scars can be placed invisibly in the underwear area in many cases. Depending on the planning, stretch marks and appendectomy scars can also be removed through this procedure. In a personal consultation, we will discuss together whether this solution is right for you, or whether a much smaller procedure can offer the perfect solution for you.

The intimate area of the woman is also often a big taboo. No wonder, then, that most women do not like to talk openly about the changes in the intimate area, especially after a natural birth. It is not uncommon for the labia to be significantly enlarged after childbirth. For the affected women, this change in the intimate area means that they feel ashamed in front of their partner and this condition interferes with a fulfilling sex life. Often, a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia or in twilight sleep is the most suitable solution. However, I will be very happy to clarify which solution is best for you in a detailed consultation.

Important: apart from the checklist, listen to your gut feeling about the procedure and the attending surgeon.