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One of the most commonly performed procedures in plastic surgery is liposuction.

Many patients come to us with the problem of not being able to reduce excess fat deposits by regular exercise or good nutrition alone. Specifically, defining muscles will be difficult to permanently accumulate fat.

Vaser-Lipo liposuction

Vaser Lipo technology has been used in plastic surgery for several decades.

However, with the 3rd generation, experts have succeeded in not only reducing fat cells, but also using a special technique to define muscles and curves, thus optimally adapting the body shape.

The liposuction procedure


The latest innovation in VASER technology is VASER High Definition Liposuction. In this technique, the primary goal is not just liposuction but body contouring. For this purpose, the fat is sucked off at a region and added elsewhere – autologous fat treatment. Thus, a harmonious shaping of the body and a natural appearance is to be achieved.

The skin mantle and the underlying tissue are treated differently and usually circularly to optimally define the muscles.

The areas of application are actually the entire body, especially for upper arms, legs, stomach, hips and back. Depending on the severity, combination treatments are recommended.

The procedure takes place in twilight sleep or under a light general anesthesia and takes depending on the area and effort between 1 to 4 hours. After a few days you can go back to your daily activities.

Depending on the procedure, definitive results can be expected after several months, since skin re-tightening simply takes time.

Classic liposuction vs. Vaser-Lipo

For several decades, the Vaser technique for liposuction is a very established form of therapy. The fatty tissue is gently released from the environment by the ultrasound energy. In classic liposuction – also called tumescent suction – the fat cells are mechanically released by muscle power. The result is usually stronger bruising and longer healing processes. 

The special feature of this technique: Despite the reduction of fat cells, the connective tissue is spared and additionally a skin shrinkage is produced.

Already in the USA, England and South America this method celebrates its successes and shows its results also with us.

Before the procedure, the affected areas are marked and defined together with the patient.

The operation is performed in a deep twilight sleep or under a light general anesthetic. An end result is expected after 6 to 12 months.



The VASER technique is not only known for reducing adipose tissue.

The application achieves also for the treatment of cellulite optimal results.

Either due to predisposition, lack of exercise or unhealthy diet – about 80% of women worldwide are affected by cellulite during their lifetime. And once it’s there, you almost can not get it away. Even superficial treatments usually show only minor and short-lasting results.

Cellulite can now be effectively treated with the VASER-Smooth technique.

By cutting through the connective tissue strands, the structural part of cellulite is treated. The fatty tissue can be redistributed in the same procedure and then aspirated in small quantities. The skin is smoothed and the annoying dents are formed back.

Cost of a VASER-Lipo liposuction

The costs vary depending on the VASER application and affected areas from € 2,900.

In a personal interview with one of our doctors, we will check with you whether you are suitable for VASER-Lipo and create an individual treatment concept. Consultation talks are possible at our locations in Vienna and Baden.

key facts


VASER procedure


1-4 hours


(SCALE 1-10)


5-7 days


Immediate effect & after
3-6 months


from €2.900

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