Key Facts


VASER procedure with Cool Plasma – Renuvion®


about 1 Hour


2-4 – like a liposuction
(SCALE 1-10)


7-14 days depending on occupation and physical activity


Immediate effect & after 6-9 months


Immediate effect & after 6-9 months

Grease suction VASER-Lipo from 2.900 €

With Cool Plasma depending on the size additionally from € 1,900

Initial consultation for new patients: 70 €


Advance bank transfer, cash or bank transfer payment possible. Credit card only in selected cases.



Dr. Rolf Bartsch theaesthetics

COOL Plasma / Renuvion® Liposuction

You want a firmer skin and get rid of your fat pads.

Cool Plasma-Renuvion® is performed following a liposuction in the same procedure and is an additional option to gently tighten the skin using helium plasma and radiofrequency.

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Initial Consultation

You can reach us for an appointment for an initial consultation in various ways:

You are welcome to contact us by phone: 01 353 55 55 or use our contact form. Please note that the next online appointment is not necessarily the next free appointment, please call us if there is no suitable online appointment available.

This happens with a VASER® Liposuction / Liposuction with Cool Plasma – Renuvion®

In liposuction with the VASER® technology, excess fatty tissue is gently released from the environment by ultrasonic energy and removed in the last step with microcannulas.

First, local anesthesia is slowly infiltrated – the tissue is filled with water. Thereafter, the fatty tissue is gently removed from its environment using VASER technology to aspirate it. To achieve a nice firming effect, Cool Plasma – Renuvion® can be used after the liposuction.

This is what Cool Plasma can do

Renuvion® / J-Plasma or Cool Plasma is a long-standing technique used in abdominal surgery, so-called laparoscopic surgery or “buttonhole surgery”, e.g. Remove tumors while sparing healthy tissue. Cool Plasma – Renuvion® is a technique that

Helium plasma and radio frequency / current energy combined. Thus, a cold plasma jet is generated with the help of which after liposuction, the tissue is tightened from the inside. This so-called plasma jet is generated by electrical energy and helium plasma. Energy is controlled and superficially released and the tissue cooled at the same time. After liposuction, the helium plasma jet tightens the tissue from within, shrinking the inner connective tissue layer. With CoolPlasma it is possible to achieve a targeted tightening without damaging the surrounding tissue, as is the case with one or the other laser procedure for internal tightening.

Before & after pictures


Dr. Rolf Bartsch

The combination with CoolPlasma has saved me a streamlining, because the little overshooting skin was so streamlined!


Why Dr. Bartsch?

We always say: “the gut feeling must be right”. Let your instinct guide you. But there are some hard facts that can help you make a decision:

  • Experience: Dr. Rolf Bartsch is considered a specialist in the field of body shaping. He has already performed more than 1000 liposuctions with the Vaser technology, works on the 4D concept and now also achieves nice results in Body Contouring with Cool Plasma / Renuvium.
  • Safety: through a professional team, anesthetic outpatient clinic and a specialized clinic
  • Availability: Dr. med. Rolf Bartsch can be reached 24 hours a day via messenger at +4369911222000.
  • Technique: After liposuction with helium plasma and radiofrequency, gently tighten the skin.


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