It’s a Men’s world

Every 8th patient who chooses a cosmetic surgery today is a man. Reason enough to illuminate which interventions the “strong” gender chooses and what aspects are valued the most. According to a survey by the German Society for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery of 2018, men who opt for a beauty surgery are body and fashion conscious and want to look more attractive, fitter and more efficient. For a long time the visit to the Beauty Doc was considered a woman’s business, this is over now.

Which procedures/treatments get chosen the most by men?

Upper eyelid tightening, CoolCrush®, liposuction on the abdomen and hip, gynecomastia and botox/filler.

Upper Eyelid Tightening

Because the skin on the upper lid is very thin, it relaxes faster. It creates a skin surplus, which covers the moving lid more and more and especially squeezes the side of the eye – you look tired and severe. More and more men are having this procedure done to look fresher and friendlier without knowing exactly what has changed. This makes outpatient surgery especially popular with men. With the upper eyelid tightening, the skin incision is made directly in the eyelid fold, so that the scar is hardly visible later. In addition to the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue, an internal eyebrow lift or raising the eyebrow may be necessary. A lateral lifting of the eyebrows can eliminate the excess on the lateral edge of the eyelid. Here, the cut is made in the hairy area of ​​the temple, without dissecting hair. So this cut remains almost invisible. With the right technique, this operation can be performed inconspicuously.


Many male patients struggle with small flab in the stomach or hips, which they simply can not get rid of despite good nutrition and regular exercise. A possible optimization can be achieved by a treatment with CoolCrush®: freeze off fat with cryolipolysis and shock wave treatment. Because fat cells are very sensitive to cold, due to hypothermia, the individual fat lipids crystallize and their new pointed shape destroys their own cell membrane from the inside. Then the body initiates the natural healing process and the affected fat cells are gradually degraded in the weeks and months that follow. This is a gentle and safe alternative to reducing fat cells, with no downtime – this is important to many men.


Love handles on the hips, the belly has become too thick. In fact, men have the advantage in liposuction that their skin is thicker and the result is almost always very natural. Only through a waist does a male silhouette appear athletic, and the body gets the attractive V shape. The goal is body shaping, not an exclusive fat reduction. A liposuction involves a detailed interview with the patient and an examination. The procedure is performed inpatient and lasts between 1-4 hours. The procedure is usually assisted by ultrasound today, releasing the fat through the vibration of the rod. The special feature of this technique: in spite of the reduction of fat cells, the connective tissue is spared and additionally a skin shrinkage is achieved. Following liposuction, Renuvion® can be used – a technique that combines helium plasma and radio frequency / current energy. Thus, a cold plasma jet is generated with the help of which after liposuction, the tissue is tightened from the inside. The result is especially natural and beautiful.


In men, a hormonal imbalance can cause the mammary gland to grow. The aim is to remove increased glandular tissue, adipose tissue and excess skin and to form a male breast. Often, the desired result can be achieved with a single liposuction. With VASER® liposuction, excess fat is sucked off at one point and, with autologous fat, forms the breast into a more masculine form. This procedure leaves no large visible scars on the chest, but about 5mm small punctures on the nipple vest and in the armpit. After the procedure male patients are very relieved, they get a new self-esteem and a new attitude to life.

Botox and Filler

Treatments with botulinum toxin and wrinkle injections are the most popular among minimally invasive procedures, and are also increasingly used by men. Mimic wrinkles, the crow’s feet and smoker wrinkles should be smoothed. More and more men want a fresh, smooth and radiant skin. More popular in men: Botox can also be used against heavy sweating and migraine.