What to do with annoying lip wrinkles

Lip wrinkles are fine creases that appear directly on the lips. They are also called perioral folds, pleated folds, accordion folds or smoker wrinkles. They run vertically from the upper lip towards the nose, or from the lower lip in the direction of the chin (mentolabial folds). Although these wrinkles are mostly short and delicate, they have a great effect on the entire facial expression – lip wrinkles are clear signs of an aging face, leaving a slightly frustrated expression on the face. An additional unpleasant side effect of lip wrinkles is the running of the applied lipstick in the small furrows. For this reason, many people are considering whether it would be advisable or more esthetic to have their lip wrinkles treated. Because the result not only makes the look younger, but also makes the affected person look fresher. Experience has shown that it makes sense to start with the treatments as early as possible, preferably at the time when the wrinkles are just beginning to develop.

Reasons for the formation of lip wrinkles

Age plays a decisive role in the development of wrinkles in general – and therefore also in the development of lip wrinkles. The subcutaneous fatty tissue is getting weaker and the skin loses in collagen and elastic fibers – it comes to a loss of firmness of the skin. At the same time, our mouth is hard-pressed by our facial expressions. When muscle activity is increased, the wrinkles in this region are faster. For this reason, lip wrinkles are often referred to as smoker wrinkles, as the lips are sharpened when smoking and this movement favors the formation of lip wrinkles. But even non-smokers are sooner or later affected by the natural aging process. Furthermore, the genetic predisposition and also the UV radiation plays an essential role in the formation of wrinkles.

Common methods for treatment of lip wrinkles

  • Chemical peels

In general, mild to moderate wrinkles can be treated with the help of chemical peels. In our practice, however, this treatment method is not offered because it can lead to pigment shifts.

  • Plasma technology from PlexR

PlexR® is a newly developed medical device for skin treatment. It works with plasma of ionized gas that creates a microablation. We also do not offer this method of treatment at The Aesthetics, as the plasma pen heats up to 100 degrees Celsius, resulting in long-lasting swelling and hyperpigmentation.

  • Ellipse Nordlys ™ Laser

The new Ellipse Nordlys ™ laser is equipped with five selective IPL wavelengths, a long and short pulsed Nd: YAG laser, and a FRAX 1550 and is an integral part of our practice. Hundreds of microscopic heat columns are lasered into the deeper skin layer. There, where these many, externally invisible wounds arise, a new skin, new fibers and new collagen forms. The skin is rebuilt by the onset of wound healing, new connective tissue is created, it shines new. The areas of application are varied, including fine lines on the face.

  • Baby Botox

Baby Botox is a procedure in which injections of mesotherapeutic solution and botulinum toxin are administered intradermally in high dilution into the skin. Baby Botox is applied in the surface layer of the skin and not in the muscle. This prevents one from tensing up the muscles too much and leads to the desired tightening of fine lines. Nevertheless, the original facial expressions are maintained. This treatment method is also an integral part of our ordination.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

Even in our practice, the most common way to smooth lip wrinkles is to inject hyaluronic acid into the lip line. This treatment not only smoothes the wrinkles, but also gives the skin more elasticity, is better moisturized and has more elasticity. Decisive for a beautiful and natural result is that the doctor treating 100 percent in the correct skin layer and this also uses the correct hyaluronic acid thickness. Another particularly positive side effect of hyaluronic acid injection is that it simultaneously increases the volume of the upper lip, restoring its natural momentum. This effect is explained by a fibroblast stimulation, which changes the elasticity.


In keeping with the 4D concept, we rely on an individual treatment of your lip wrinkles in our practice. Depending on the severity of the wrinkles, a combination of the treatment methods offered by us (laser, baby botox, hyaluronic acid) may be the most effective, or just one of the options. In a joint consultation, we look forward to identifying the right treatment concept for you.