Filler- &  Botox Trainings

Are you a doctor and are you interested in Botox & Filler treatments?

The Filler & Botox seminar with Dr. Ing. Bartsch offers you the opportunity to further your education in a short time, so that you too can become an expert!

The filler and Botox courses are divided into 3 levels and always take place at the weekend. In the theoretical part you will learn, among other things, about the exact anatomy of the face, the injection of different areas as well as the planning and execution of the treatment according to the 4-D concept.

Of course, you apply the knowledge you have learned directly to a model in practice. Under the guidance of the doctors, you practice the injection of different facial areas in each course.

After level 3 you have sufficient theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience and as an expert you can now offer Botox & Filler treatments yourself. Filer und Botoxkurse für und von Ärzten

Level 1 filler and Botox seminar

In a first step, we familiarize you generally with the two substances Botox and Hyaluron (Filler). They learn about their effects and how to use them correctly. We present different techniques and discuss the different effects. You will be told exactly about the anatomy of the face to be able to choose the appropriate treatment based on several factors.

Then you and the doctors practice the nasolabial fold with fillers as well as the wrinkle fold, forehead and crow’s feet with Botox. We ask you to bring your own model.

Level 2 filler and Botox seminar

Because it is crucial for professional injections to know exactly about the anatomy of the face, you deal in the second level especially with the areas cheek, chin and lips. In addition, you will learn how to use Botox in the lower half of the face.

Immediately afterwards, you will learn how to use Fillers on the lips, chin and cheeks, as well as Botox on all facial areas. Please bring your own model again.

Level 3 Filler & PDO & Botoxseminar

The third and final level of the Filler & Botox seminar will teach you how to create full-face treatment plans, both medically and financially, and how to retain patients in the long term.

In addition, exact anatomical knowledge and sufficient practical experience (treatment in at least 100 patients) is required. If you bring all this with you, you can also jump into this level directly.

In the practical part, you will learn to implement the full-face treatment plans directly to a patient. So they focus on the treatment of the entire face, which is why several treatments are performed on that day. We ask you to bring your own model.

For questions of all kinds the doctors are at your disposal personally at any time.

Filler und Botoxseminare

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