Dr. Rolf Bartsch

The doctor

You have been working in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for 15 years, how did you arrive at your appointment?

Medicine is my passion. Everyone who knows me can confirm that I do my job with motivation, energy and enthusiasm. This also applies to all other things that I intend in my life. When I do something for myself, I do it with the utmost dedication and concentration. To practice the profession of a doctor, one makes out of conviction and lifeblood. Already at the young age of twelve, I was aware that I wanted to become a doctor. During my apprenticeship the plastic surgery pedagogy showed me how varied and creative this branch of surgery can be. In 2007 I started my professional career in the Rudolfstiftung and worked as a specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, also internationally (Emory University in the US, Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, Jimma University in Ethiopia). Furthermore, I collected in one of the largest hospitals in Austria, important and valuable experience in the field of plastic surgery, until my wife. Together, Katrin Bartsch and I founded our joint practice at Grinzinger Allee 15 in 2017.

Where are your priorities?

My focus is on breast treatments, liposuction, body contouring and eyelid surgery. In the breast area, these include breast augmentation with implants or autologous fat, as well as breast reduction, breast lift, tubular breasts, and gynecomastia in men. As I am working as a trainer for breast operations at ECAMS, I am increasingly involved in the repair of previous breast surgeries. In the area of ​​the face, I perform a lot of upper and lower eyelid tightening, as well as minimally invasive treatments with botulinum toxin, fillers and threads. Holistic treatment for cellulite is very important to me (www.dr-cellulite.at and www.cellfina.at). Since I am a cellulite treatment trainer worldwide, I also carried out the first study on the treatment of cellulite with a combination of three.

Which surgery do you enjoy doing?

Basically, I love all the work with all my patients, but I like to operate the lids, breast, and liposuction in combination with the new breakthrough technology Renuvion®, with which you can tighten the tissue for the first time sustainable.

What has changed in the last few years in medicine?

The trend is towards more minimally invasive procedures. The credo is now more to “receive” than to “fix”. “To treat earlier”, “to start in time” and “to provide”. There is great medical advancement in the field of cellulite, because new combination therapies are the first to succeed. Through social media, the pressure for perfect smooth skin has grown more and more recently. Treatments that improve the appearance of the skin are therefore currently very popular. From the Fraxellaser via modern fillers such as Profhilo or Revive, the portfolio of small interventions without downtime has become ever larger.

How has the patient changed in recent years?

Our patients have become much younger. If you used to be a plastic surgeon to repair, many now want to prevent. Applying Botox and Filler in a timely and correct manner gives us many new opportunities for natural results. In the treatment of the breast, especially the topic “after pregnancy” has a stronger inflow. The desired implant sizes have become smaller. On average, the desire is between 250-300 ml, the desire for even more volume is rather declining.

When do you send a patient away?

If the ideas are unrealistic, if they are in an exceptional emotional situation and hope that the procedure makes up for it. I also send patients away if I do not have a good gut feeling and think that the money spent and possible scars are out of balance. That does not happen often …

When are you satisfied with your job?

Clearly: when my patients are satisfied. We do many things that are not medically necessary, but which make my patients happier, happier and more self-confident.