The dangerous trend from the net:

Narrow noses due to crystal cortisone

In this blog post we would like to explain in more detail what is hidden behind the wonderful name of crystal cortisone and how crazy and at the same time dangerous this new trend in plastic and aesthetic surgery is.

The social media keep reporting on curious trends in aesthetic medicine. In addition to cat eyes, one can currently observe the trend of “narrow noses without surgery”. YouTubers and Insta asterisks speak of a positive effect, a defined nose without surgery.

What’s behind this trend?

A nasal constriction is usually carried out by means of a surgical procedure. A nasal splint must then be worn for at least 2 weeks and it takes time for the nose to swell and the new shape to be visible. Therefore, it is only understandable that patients want a narrower nose without surgery. This new method is still relatively unknown and is only offered by a few clinics / doctors – because crystal cortisone is not undisputed.

But how does this treatment work and what are the risky consequences?

Cortisone injections have been used in medicine for a very long time, for excess scarring or for nodules caused by injections. Cortisone is used locally to reduce tissue.

Treatment of the nose with crystal cortisone

Treatment of the nose with crystal cortisone

In the novel treatment of “crystal cortisone”, cortisone is injected into the side of the nose in a liquid, crystal-like form. The treatment aims to inject cortisone into the soft tissues of the nose to reduce the tissue, dissolve the excess nasal tissue, and thus make the nose smaller. By injecting and massaging it in with pinpoint accuracy, tissue is broken down in a targeted manner. That sounds harmless, but it has strong side effects. Only previously operated noses should be treated for which further operation is not possible. The procedure is an outpatient procedure, takes only 15 minutes and “promises” an immediate and harmonious beautification of the nose.

These are the side-effects

The nose consists of skin, fat, muscle, cartilage and bone tissue as well as the mucous membrane tissue. The dangerous thing about crystal cortisone is that the fragile anatomy of the nose between muscles, cartilage, soft tissue and fatty tissue is destroyed in an uncontrolled manner. At high doses or after repeated repetition, the skin and cartilage structure are irreparably damaged. Cortisone does not work like a “Lego kit” in that tissue can be reduced in a very targeted manner, but tissue destruction that is partially uncontrollable occurs. If this affects the mucous membrane or the cartilage-like architecture, this can be particularly dangerous. Repeated cortisone injections can also cause severe thinning of the skin, which is irreversible. Something similar can be observed after long-term use of cortisone-containing nasal sprays, the nasal mucous membrane and septum develop holes.

Anothere disadvantage.

Surgical nose correction is no longer possible after the cortisone injection. The skin is thinner after the injection, the blood flow is reduced and the tissue is less stable.


For aesthetic reasons, injecting cortisone into our noses in order to shrink it is extremely critical to us. Especially when these treatments are offered by people who are unfamiliar with nasal correction and are poorly trained. If you opt for a narrower nose with cortisone injections, you have to be aware of the side effects and risks. Time will tell that we are likely to see a great many irreversible noses in plastic surgery ordinations.

If you think you cannot live without cortisone in the nose area, only get advice and treatment from experienced doctors. In experienced hands, the risks are generally lower than with newer providers of medical aesthetics. Interventions in the area of ​​the nose are not part of our expertise, but we can make recommendations if necessary.


We advise against crystal cortisone and, depending on the condition of the nose, recommend surgery or modeling with fillers.