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Testimonial Cryolipolysis CoolCrush

For some time now there has been a treatment on the aesthetic medicine market that safely and gently removes annoying flab from the buttocks, legs or thighs: cryolipolysis. Thanks to the targeted application with cold, fat cells are effectively reduced. Many of our patients already know the treatment from our articles. However, we once asked a CoolCrush patient to share her experience on cryolipolysis with us.

Testimonial Cryolipolysis Vienna | CoolCrush

Advice & history

I, female, 30, heard about the aesthetics and cryolipolysis from a friend. At the beginning I was quite skeptical because I have been trying for some time to get rid of my love handles on the lower abdomen through regular exercise and a balanced diet. I lost some weight as a result, but there are still small problem areas. I couldn’t quite believe that I should reduce this with such a simple application.

After my personal conversation with Dr. Katrin Bartsch, most of my doubts were gone. She took a lot of time for me and did a thorough physical exam to see if I was eligible for treatment. My questions were answered very competently and in a friendly manner.

Cryolipolysis Treatment Vienna

Two weeks later I had my treatment appointment. At first I was welcomed in a very friendly manner and then taken to the anteroom, where I had to weigh myself and the affected areas were photographed. I was given a bathrobe and disposable panties to keep my clothes from getting dirty. In the treatment room there was a padded couch in the center on which I was asked to lie down. A gel pad was then placed on my stomach. Ms. Stregl then placed the attachment on the gel pad, which created a vacuum on the skin. For the first 10 minutes, I felt a tug on the affected areas and my stomach went ice cold. The pulling and the extreme cold feeling subsided after about 10-15 minutes. The rest of the time I was able to watch television and read magazines.

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Follow-up treatment and afterwards

After the attachment was removed, the follow-up treatment began, in which the fat cells are mechanically loosened up again. It feels a bit uncomfortable because the fabric is still so hard and cold. But I don’t have any pain. After the complete treatment, the areas under the attachments were red and hardened, when I stroked them the skin felt slightly numb. However, this feeling subsided after 1-2 hours and the tissue relaxed. The treatment itself lasted about 70 minutes. However, due to the pre- and post-operative care, I was in the ordination for about 2 hours.

Then I was able to leave the ordination without any restrictions, and I even went back to work immediately afterwards.

I’ll have the second session in 4 weeks – I’m really excited! I will keep you up to date!!