Brustvergrößerung Implantate

Again and again, patients come to our clinic with precise ideas about the size of the breast implant they want to use. Either they researched on the Internet before and found pictures that they liked, or they have a friend who got a size and now they want the same size.

Breast surgery is often a step for a woman to make a long decision-making process. Often years pass between the first thought of an operation and the first consultation with a doctor or plastic surgery doctor. It is therefore only understandable that the patient has previously informed in the Internet or circle of acquaintances.

But every woman and every breast is unique and individual and therefore one can not simply say: “My girlfriend has 300 ml of silicone implants and they look great and that’s why I would like to use 300 ml.” There are certain factors a good one Plastic Surgeon must consider.

Factors for determining breast implant size:

On the one hand, these are the implant shape and the implant width. They dictate how the breast can be shaped. As a result, a narrow breast with a silicone implant of 300 ml achieves a much larger projection than can be achieved with a 300ml wide breast. In this case, the implant width for the narrow breast is smaller, but the implant is taller, which gives more projection to the front. It is therefore important to understand that different types of implants produce different projections.

On the other hand, the initial situation of the breast to be operated is an important factor. It should be noted here how much breast tissue is present. One and the same implant can produce a different shape and size of the breast depending on the breast tissue. An implant of 300 ml achieves a size of 400 ml for a breast tissue of 100 ml and a size of 500 ml for a breast tissue of 200 ml. The example can also be viewed the other way round. If a result of 400ml is reached and the patient already has 100ml breast tissue, then an implant size of 300ml is chosen. However, if 300ml breast tissue is present then an implant of 100ml is chosen.

How does the patient know what is the right implant for you?

An experienced plastic surgeon is well trained in asking exactly the right questions to find out your wishes and ideas. In addition, he / she has a trained eye and sees what fits your character or what is in the realm of possibility. For not only the shape of the breast and the existing or non-existing breast tissue represent a possible restriction, but also the size and position of the nipples. For example, a too large implant can cause the nipple to become taut and thus unintentionally larger, or the patient tends to have nipples that are slightly outward, and a too large implant would in that case lead to the nipples too much “outward pointing”. You can see that there are innumerable factors that must be considered.

Simulation of the breast with 3-D-Scan

In our practice a possible result can be simulated very well by means of 3-D-Scan. In the procedure, the breast is scanned with an infrared camera. In the moving image, the breast can be seen from the side,above and from below, and so our patients are sure that we speak of one and the same result.

In summary it can be said that it is very important and advisable for the patient, before the first consultation, to deal with their own wishes and ideas in detail and to communicate these to the surgeon. But it is just as important to build up a relationship of trust with the doctor and finally to trust their experience and expertise, because sometimes the final implant size is chosen directly during the operation.