Was ist Babybotox

What is Baby Botox?

The term “baby botox” comes – as well as the general cosmetic application of botulinum toxin – originally from the US. It is a Botox treatment with a low dose of active ingredient, which results in a more natural result.

Many patients are looking for a fresher, youthful look, but are dreading the rigid, mask-like faces that are often associated with Botox. This is exactly where Baby Botox comes in: It reduces crow’s feet, frown lines and expression lines – without restricting the facial expressions of the patients. The liveliness of the face is preserved.

The right mixing ratio

Botulinum toxin – regardless of which manufacturer – is generally supplied and stored in powder form. One bottle contains 100 international units of the powder, which is dissolved for saline treatment and given in syringes. Different doctors will choose different mixing ratios here. Basically, however, no matter how much botulinum toxin is diluted, in the end, always the same amount of units must be injected into the muscle to achieve the desired long-lasting effect. If you have experienced that Botox does not work for you, it may be due to the fact that the dose was too low, meaning that in the saline solution not enough of the internationally standardized units were resolved.

This should not happen with conventional Botox treatment. It occurs, among other things, when the user tries to achieve a higher profit and to get along longer with a bottle of Botox powder. That this is not very reputable, is obvious. The patient has a right to receive the full treatment that has been agreed.

The situation is different with baby Botox: The lower dosage is desirable here (and also agreed with the patient). The possibly shorter shelf life is known to all involved, it is accepted for a more natural result.

How does Baby Botox work?

With Baby Botox, fewer units are administered, but these are injected at the same points as a regular Botox treatment. Dr. Rolf Bartsch describes it this way: “I treat the muscle in its length exactly the same, for example, with three stitches – but per stitch I use not three units, but only one unit. This leads to the fact that the effect is indeed there, but much weaker.”

How long does baby botox last?

About 2-3 months.