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Dr. Rolf Bartsch theaesthetics

Nordlys by Ellipse

The demand for effective, yet safe, gentle and low-side-effects forms of treatment in aesthetic medicine is steadily increasing. Whether it be unwanted hairiness, annoying vascular or pigmented lesions, scars, warts, or simply the desire for a fresher and younger appearance, our new state-of-the-art laser system can meet today’s patient demands to the highest degree.

With over 15 indication fields, i.a. Vascular vascular changes of all kinds, as well as sun-damaged skin, skin tightening, nail fungus and epilation, replace the new modular platform up to six laser systems. The requirements of today’s lasers are minimal downtime, ie lunchtime treatments, while at the same time achieving maximum efficiency.

Equipped with five selective IPL wavelengths, a long and short pulsed Nd:YAG laser, and a FRAX 1550, the new ellipse Nordlys™ laser offers the most versatile and efficient platform in the dermatological-aesthetic market. It stands for excellent effectiveness, high treatment safety and high patient comfort. Various essays stand for different forms of treatment.

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Initial Consultation

You can reach us for an appointment for an initial consultation in various ways:

You are welcome to contact us by phone: 01 353 55 55 or use our contact form. Please note that the next online appointment is not necessarily the next free appointment, please call us if there is no suitable online appointment available.

Endstation veins Ellipse ND: YAG laser

Remove veins, spider veins, and haemangiomas (strawberry marks).

Application areas: Red and blue veins on the legs (spider veins), face and angiomas (blood sponges).

Due to permanently increased pressure in the finer veins the original elasticity diminishes, the veins dilate and become visible as red-bluish tortuous vascular structures. With the development of gentle and safe laser technology, it is possible to treat even larger areas of skin. The risk of scarring is excluded with this technology.

Price: from 190.- Euro

These are the advantages of the laser:

* No pinholes

* No bandages or support stockings

* No downtime

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Dr. Rolf Bartsch

Already in 2009, the method of cryolipolysis was first demonstrated in scientific articles. In the meantime, more than 1 million treatments have been performed worldwide. Cryolipolysis sounds complicated, but only means dissolution of the fatty tissue by cold. Not all devices keep their promises. Our combination therapy from the device of Deleo – Cristal – and the shock wave therapy are unique. More and more of my patients are benefiting from this method, releasing their fat in unwanted places.

No matter how little I eat and how much sport I do, the fat pads on my hips on the right and on the left just did not go away. Liposuction was out of the question for me. Thanks to the CoolCrush® treatments, my “Love Handles” are significantly reduced after only 2 treatments and the proportion is again consistent.


Why Dr. Bartsch?

We always say: “the gut feeling must be right”. Let your instinct guide you. But there are some hard facts that can help you make a decision:

  • Experience: Dr. Rolf Bartsch is considered a specialist in the field of body shaping. He has already performed more than 1000 liposuctions with the Vaser technology, works on the 4D concept and now also achieves nice results in Body Contouring with Cool Plasma / Renuvium.
  • Safety: through a professional team, anesthetic outpatient clinic and a specialized clinic
  • Availability: Dr. med. Rolf Bartsch can be reached 24 hours a day via messenger at +4369911222000.
  • Technique: After liposuction with helium plasma and radiofrequency, gently tighten the skin.

key facts




15-30 Min.


(SKALA 1-10)


0 Tage


nach 4-6 Wochen


ab 190 €
Erstgespräch für neue Patienten: 50 €


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Dr. Rolf Bartsch theaesthetics