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Filler – Hyaluronic Acid

You want a wrinkle-free skin, a fresher and more natural look.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most important substances in esthetic medicine when it comes to restoring volume and improving the appearance of the skin.

Hyaluron is an endogenous substance that is broken down during our lifetime. Due to the natural aging process, our skin subsequently loses its elasticity and elasticity.

Our service in pictures

Areas of application: That can be hyaluronic acid.

Sensitive eye area.

Hyaluronic acid can be used successfully and naturally around the sensitive eye area. Eye wrinkles, eye shadows and dark circles can be treated well. It is important to place the right product at the right depth with the right technology. In addition to the knowledge of anatomy, the exact analysis is important.

Forehead wrinkles.

Due to the facial muscles there is an emergence of forehead wrinkles. Especially when frowning they become more apparent over time. A combination therapy of Botox (botulinum toxin) and hyaluronic acid gives nice results here. By injecting the wrinkles can of course be corrected. The look is thus clearer and softer. Loss of volume on the forehead also causes the eyebrow to go down. Thus, a treatment with fillers on the forehead can also lift the eyebrow.

Nasolabial fold.

These wrinkles develop right and left below the nose and are particularly strong in dynamic facial expressions. Above all, the loss of volume in the midface causes the nasolabial fold to become more pronounced in old age. By injecting with Hyaluron the wrinkles are raised naturally and the face is softer. Often the treatment in the crease is directly possible only in combination with a treatment of the midface to achieve a natural result. A face should never be overcrowded or, as the saying goes, “sprayed on”.


A common application of hyaluronic acid are the lips. Due to the extreme dynamics, the product is not only suitable for smoothing small wrinkles, but also for balancing asymmetries and emphasizing the lip lines. The filling of the volume gives the lips again fullness and femininity. A well-treated lip can not be seen! It is also important to get the proportions here. The ratio upper lip to lower lip should be 1: 1.6 and the upper lip may never exceed an imaginary line from the nose to the chin. As so often with injections, it is important to know the anatomy. Except for hyaluronic acid and its own fat, NO other product has lost anything in the lip, in our view. At present, bio-polyamide injections are very popular. A product that can cause strong foreign body reactions and can only be surgically removed.

When using the right product and the right technique, results with hyaluronic acid follicles are also visible for months. We have been using the Belotero® for almost 10 years now as it is a very reliable product group.

Solution in steps

Initial Consultation

You can reach us for an appointment for an initial consultation in various ways:

You are welcome to contact us by phone: 01 353 55 55 or use our contact form. Please note that the next online appointment is not necessarily the next free appointment, please call us if there is no suitable online appointment available.

This happens before a filler treatment.

In a first interview and a skin analysis, we define your desired result and contrast the “possible” with the “feasible”. It is important to make realistic expectations possible based on the physical conditions. Many of the pictures we see online today are manipulated and filtered and are not true. Then we will create a treatment plan that can consist of a treatment method or combinations such as laser, filler or Botox, long-term beautiful results and guaranteed your satisfaction.

This happens during a filler treatment.

First and foremost, we use hyaluronic acid to restore facial volume. Here we work according to the 4-D concept: We build up volumes where they are lost. Accordingly, we no longer treat the fold itself, but the cause of the fold. When treating with hyaluronic acid, the region to be treated is particularly important. Depending on the depth and shape of the wrinkles, you can work with different “thicknesses”. The rather thin hyaluronic acid is used for example in superficial and the thicker at lower impressions.

The treatment lasts 10-30 minutes depending on the extent. While sitting comfortably on the examination table, the product is injected through thin needles or needles into the affected area. Depending on the area and filler used, the result lasts for 3 to 18 months. Thereafter, the treatment can be repeated as desired at the recommended intervals.

The treatment costs amount to € 390 per ampoule.

Since we do not sell vials but our knowledge and experience, we no longer offer “ampoules” in more than one region. So a larger treatment will ultimately be cheaper.

Belotero REVIVE

Belotero “Revive” is a new hyaluronic acid from the pharma giant MERZ.

It hides traces of fatigue, dullness and makes fine lines disappear as well as revitalizing skin from the inside out. It works directly under the skin and moisturizes where it is needed most. It is proven to contribute to a rejuvenated appearance. Because early, direct supply of the skin in depth with hyaluron and glycerin prevents wrinkles before they appear and gives skin it back shine, smoothness and more resilience. In addition skin quality and skin texture is improved. “Revive” is the newest supplement of the Belotero® series and meets the special needs of a new patient group. Revive places a special focus on improving the skin quality and prevents signs of aging and presents a natural “glow” – the “no-filter” look. The beauty booster reduces skin redness and dryness due to it’s moisturizing effect.


  • Patients had improved skin hydration for up to 36 weeks, and skin redness and roughness was reduced
  • 100% of patients showed improved aesthetic results in week 12
  • Over 80% of patients were satisfied with the treatment in week 24

Duration: 20 minutes, costs: € 290.-

We recommend repeating the treatment once after four weeks

That’s what patients say

Dr. Katrin Bartsch Ärztin für ästhetische Medizin 1190 Wien

The many combination therapies of botulinum toxin, fillers and modern device medicine provide beautiful, natural-looking results, are non-invasive, with no downtime and virtually painless.

So young and yet so old. I have dr. Katrin Bartsch visited because I just wanted to look fresher. My skin was expertly creased and especially my lower eyelids and tired eyes bothered me. She put together for me a personal treatment plan of Botox, Filler and Laser. After a total of three treatments with a gap of four weeks it just looks great. And now for months.

Why Dr. Bartsch?

We always say: “the gut feeling must be right”. Let your instinct guide you. But there are some hard facts that can help you make a decision:

  • Experience: Dr. Bartsch has through his decades of experience over 1000 Botox, Filler- and thread treatments performed.
  • Safety: a professional team is there for you in the surgery
  • Availability: Dr. med. Rolf Bartsch can be reached 24 hours a day via messenger at +4369911222000
  • Innovation: Dr. med. Bartsch passes on his enormous knowledge about fatty tissue and anatomy of the face and teaches colleagues in special filler training


key facts




10-20 Minuten


(SKALA 1-10)


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