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1 session: € 490.- 
4 sessions: € 1,590.- (saving € 370.-)
6 sessions: € 1,990.- (saving € 950.-)
8 sessions: € 2,490.- (saving € 1,430.-)
12 sessions: € 3,490.- (saving € 2,390.-)


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Cristal Fit®

Cristal Fit® works with focused electromagnetic waves that stimulate the muscles. The treatment is a targeted workout without strenuous exercise.

A magnetic field creates maximum muscle contractions that lead to quick results. Cristal Fit® is the market leader in Europe and manages to build up muscles extremely efficiently (30 minutes of treatment correspond to around 500 training units). No surgery, no downtime, no risk and no side effects except for stronger muscles.

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Initial Consultation

You can reach us for an appointment for an initial consultation in various ways: 

This is how Cristal Fit® works

Compared to EMS electromagnetic stimulation (sport with electricity, electromagnetic rays stimulate muscles and the metabolism) with high EMT focused electromagnetic waves are emitted directly into the muscles and the muscle is trained in an incredibly short time. High EMT uses frequencies that do not allow the muscle to rest between stimulations. As with strength endurance training, there is a metabolic afterburn effect for up to 24 hours.

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The result

  • Maximum stimulation – best result – long-term muscle building
  • up to 16% muscle growth after 1-2 months
  • Through stimulation and muscle contractions, your own muscles are built up, which can no longer be broken down that quickly.

Areas of application

  • Cristal Fit® vor Abs
    A beautiful belly has to do with good connective tissue quality, little fat and good definition, and this is where Cristal Fit® comes into play. Without surgery, the muscles are strengthened and thus more definition is achieved.
  • Cristal Fit® vor your Butt
    In the course of the aging process, we lose muscles due to the changed hormone levels, so the projection on the buttocks automatically becomes less. Many squats are supposed to achieve a tight butt, they say – that’s true when the skin and connective tissue cover is firm. Then we can strengthen the muscles with Cristal Fit®, a highly intensive, focused electromagnetic wave spectrum. With buttocks it is mainly about strengthening and growing the muscles.
  • But arms and thighs can also be targeted with Cristal Fit®.

Cristal Fit Anwendungszonen

How often should I do Cristal Fit®?

The treatment time is 30 minutes. For the best possible results, we recommend performing the treatment twice a week for 3 weeks. That is a total of 6 treatments.

Who is Cristal Fit® suitable for?

For women and men over 19 years of age who have already trained muscles. The better the muscle is already trained, the better the results.

Tip: It is important to drink enough water for a long time after the treatments, protein shakes can also help.

Even after pregnancy, affected women often have the feeling that the stomach is pushing outwards, even years later. This is called diastasis rectus, the “gaping apart” of the straight abdominal muscles. With Cristal Fit®, good results can also be achieved here.

Who or what cannot be treated with Cristal Fit®?

Soft, sagging tissue and soft skin cannot be treated. Obese patients cannot be treated. Women who have used a copper IUD are unfortunately unsuitable – because the electromagnetic stimulation causes heating, which can lead to uncertainties about the effectiveness of the IUD. Likewise people with a pacemaker.



Dr. Rolf Bartsch

Why do we offer Cristal Fit® at “theaesthetics”? In the general treatment of cellulite with Cellfina, Ultherapy, Radiesse and Renuvion, we have opted for another proven method that is incredibly effective and perfectly complements our treatment portfolio. We can build volume on the buttocks by stimulating the muscles. For a long-lasting volume effect like a small Brazilian butt lift.

“I struggled with my belly fat for years and even with the most rigorous training I could never have achieved this result. For me it is the most efficient and long-term most successful way to finally reach a defined abdominal region.”

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1 Sitzung

€ 190,-


4 Sitzungen

€ 490,-


6 Sitzungen

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8 Sitzungen

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12 Sitzungen

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